Online Advisor Case Study  – creating a truly customer-first approach with virtual banking

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As one of the biggest banks in Poland, BZ WBK provides a range of services to a wide variety of clients. The easiest thing to do would be to divide them into categories such as individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations but there are many other ways to go about it. Clients vary in terms of their interests, needs, problems, strengths and limitations. All of them somehow change the way they use and can use banking. At BZ WBK, the goal is to provide banking services so accessible that the word ‘accessible’ itself will no longer be needed. Customer satisfaction is also viewed as an essential goal both in short- and long-term planning.

As part of these efforts, the bank has long been eyeing virtual bank branch technology as a viable way to continue to perfect its customer service. When properly implemented, it makes it possible to offer all functionalities of a physical bank branch remotely—including opening an account, or applying for a loan—without losing access to expert, personalized advice through actual human consultants, all the while adhering to the highest standards of security.

Together with Ailleron, a decision was  made to implement and adjust the virtual bank branch solution to the needs of BZ WBK’s clients. The result was Online Advisor, made available both as a web-based solution as well as a mobile app. All flavours of Online Advisor offer the very same functionalities and user experience. In addition, consultants selected to support the virtual branch include those fluent in Polish Sign Language, making it possible for hearing-impaired people to make full use of it. Since the day Online Advisor debuted, the bank has had an opportunity to carefully observe its efficiency and the impact it has made on clients.

While Online Advisor can help bank boost its sales and customer satisfaction, at its core it is a solution that makes banking amazingly accessible – in every meaning of this word. And this is why we are so proud of being a part of the change it brings.

Download the Online Advisor Case Study and learn more about business goals and successes related to them. CaseStudy_BZWBK_EN