Will virtual branches displace physical ones? The true winner of the digital vs physical showdown.

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Physical bank branches have been quite literally the “go-to” place for all-things-banking for as long as anyone can remember. Together with ATMs, they are the foundation of the individual customer’s financial life as they have known it. But something is changing. With the advent of new technologies, for the first time in history, there are clear signs that the physical branch’s supremacy is no longer a matter of course. But what is exactly going to happen to them both in the near future and beyond? Read more

Digital Onboarding with On-line Advisor opens accounts with Bank Zachodni WBK

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The customers of Bank Zachodni WBK can now open new accounts without leaving their homes with a new, fully digital process. This is possible thanks to the Digital Onboarding process, which makes going to the bank branch and talking to a teller obsolete. The innovative solution has been implemented as a significant extension of the On-line Advisor – the virtual branch, based on Ailleron’s LiveBank technology. Read more

Joint technologies of LiveBank’s virtual branch and V-Key’s security and biometrics, to hit the banking industry

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partnership agreement just signed between V-Key, with its patented Virtual Secure Element, and Ailleron, the owner of LiveBank, which offers cutting-edge technologies, will bring new dimension to digital bank onboarding worldwide.  Read more