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Banking Trends
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Provide continuous access to help with Live Chat

According to data by Forrester Research, as many as 44% of all clients believe that the ability to…

10 key stats that will make you switch to the virtual bank branch

Experience has now shown that what once was just a theory about the benefits of virtual banking is…

The Future of Customer Service in Banking is (Almost) Here

These days, some would find it hard to believe that not so much time ago, doing any kind…

Virtual assistance to the rescue of the traditional bank branch?

The virtual bank branch, capable of taking advantage of new technologies such as remote client verification, has been…

Chatbots to the rescue of banking consultants?

Chatbots have been increasingly popular with various organizations for the past couple of years – both in and out…

Co-browsing allows banks to help and sell at the same time

Did you know that, according to a study by Accenture [1] , only 19% of banking consumers are ready…

A new definition of security. Biometrics in digital banking

When all the while, banks are already using their enormous potential to make banking more secure and convenient…

Personal data protection – an inconvenience or an opportunity for innovative banks?

The GDPR, that is the General Data Protection Regulation, is the biggest set of changes related to personal…

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