Two way cooperation that closes the deal. Brings proven conversion when used with face-to-face communication.

Screen sharing
Graphical tools
File exchange

Core functions

Efficient collaboration is recognized as one of the main factors that accelerates banking processes and increases the number of applications submitted. Your clients can be served even better and faster than in a physical branch!


To support your client while filling out some complex application, the bank agent can offer the unique form of help. With clients permission, the form on client’s device can be managed by the consultant. Also, the interactive calculators can by managed by both sides in real-time.

Screen sharing

There is no better way to present bank resources and simulations than with the use of screen-sharing. This way, an agent can easily show details tailored to the client’s inquiry and speed up the service time.

Graphical toolbox

On displayed and shared screens both sides can easily highlight numbers, text or fields with tools such as marker, pencil or arrows. This simple toolbox is easy to use and accelerates the whole process.

File exchange

During the video and audio calls or live chat, the client and the consultant can send files or links to each other for further review. After disconnection all the exchanged materials are displayed in the call summary.

Meeting scheduling

To better adjust to your clients’ schedule, you can offer a virtual session at the most convenient time for them. The invitation will be sent to the client, who can then use the link found in the message to directly connect with their Advisor at the scheduled time.

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