December 2015

Commerzbank branches in Videochat

Never stand in line again: Soon you will never have to visit your bank branch any more.

Is your bank open only when you’re at work? Well, now banks visit their customers at home – via the Internet. How convenient this can be is shown by a current example.

When customers talk to their advisor, they should also be able to purchase a product in the end. That applies to the bank branch and to the Internet. Until now, most banks were unable to do this at the same time. Following a chat with his advisor, the client had to complete the transaction in an additional step – by post or by online banking.

Commerzbank wants to change this. Since Monday, customers have been able to contact their advisor at any time: via textchat, audiostream or video camera. During their conversation with their advisor in the call center, customers can smoothly purchase products, submit applications or change limits via all three channels. For example, they can change their credit card limit.

For the purpose of authentication, the advisor sends a TAN to the customer’s mobile phone. This is particularly convenient in videochat: If things get complicated, the advisor can also guide his customer through complex pdf documents with the aid of screen pointers. Soon, perhaps even fewer customers will visit their bank branch, for the Internet has another advantage: One is there immediately.


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