May 2020

Communication Bus: the key to efficient customer service in digital environment

Communication is the key to success in customer service. That is true for the financial industry, too. However, it has become increasingly challenging as the customers are not willing to visit the office branches anymore. Fortunately, there is a way to reach them in their homes, offices and all the other places in the world.

Online customer service for frictionless customer journey

LiveBank Communication Bus is a smart banking platform used for instant and secure communication in digital channels for both existing and prospective customers. Interactions are based on the top-notch chat, audio and video conversations capabilities. In addition, the customer experience is enhanced with collaborative tools that can be used for implementation of customer service processes, opening a bank account and promotion of banking products.

Communication Bus was created for frictionless customer journey between channels and verification processes, increasing productivity and improving agent desktop experience through the integration of core systems.

Conversational banking: revolution in customer service

Once Omnichannel aggregation was a dream and now, thanks to our Communication Bus, it has become a reality. It is a perfect solution to institutions’ closures, as it allows customers to remotely communicate via multiple channels suitable for their preferences and the transaction they would like to perform. The platform can be accessed from internet and mobile banking application (post-login business scenarios), and also from public website (pre-login business scenarios). New customers can open banking account through human assisted or automated Know Your Customer process, also known as digital onboarding for banking. Last, but not least, LiveBank can be conjoined with APIs that enable us to handle the interactions from social media messaging tools, such as WhatsApp Banking or Facebook Messenger. At the same time these conversations are handled within the Unified Agent Desktop.

Moving the customers easily between channels and helping regardless of the circumstances  are the main advantages of Communication Bus and its main business value. Thanks to this solution, customer service is consistent in every channel. The customers who enter the platform via social media messaging tools can be moved to the secure channels with deep linking mechanism, perfect for transactions and sensitive data. As the result, the conversation is not interrupted and the customer can solve the issues in mobile banking communication feature. On the other side the Unified Agent Desktop is ready to handle interactions from multiple channels. The last but not least, applying social media messaging tools affects customer base growth thanks to reaching out to new target audiences that were not accessible before.

One-point integration: advantage for both advisors and customers

LiveBank Communication Bus supports integrations with various back-end banking systems. Typically, the initial approach is to integrate LiveBank with internet (on the company’s website) and mobile banking. The financial institutions require to apply Single Sign,-On Authentification integrations in order to move the customers to secure channels. This allows further use of asynchronous chat functionality unlocking the preview of interaction history. It also helps the advisors to reach out to the customer even in case of inactivity. Thus, it is a perfect tool for remote customer service and creating long-lasting relationships with the subscribers.

In addition, LiveBank can be integrated with banking file repository system which helps pass on personalized documents. What is more, LiveBank Communication Bus supports consistent customer interaction history regardless of the channel we decide to use. For instance, if the customer initiates the conversation from WhatsApp, interacts with chatbot and moves to a call with an agent, the remote advisor can preview the whole history of the interaction with the split by touch point.

AI for banking: a true game changer

LiveBank Communication Bus includes digital experiences and offers human assistance for those who need advice about banking products, applying for the products without visiting a branch or navigation in internet and mobile banking. This experience is enhanced with collaborative tools such as screen-sharing, document – sharing and co-browsing. It can be used both for typical services and high-value processes of great importance. What is more, Communication Bus offers integration with chatbot solution in order to answer to repetitive queries, allowing the remote advisors to work quickly and effectively in case of high number of customers .

Communication as a key strategy to every bank

Communication still remains one of the most important factors affecting bank’s relations with its customers. Integrations and various omnichannel features for banking ensure top notch services regardless of the chosen channel. Aggregation can also be perceived as a time-saving feature, as it allows tracking the entire customer journey. What is more, automatization increases cost-effectiveness through integration with the systems which applied artificial intelligence algorithms. Thus, it is a perfect solution for the banks that strive for excellence in digital world.

Bartłomiej Szymański, LiveBank
Bartłomiej Szymański
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