June 2018

Conclusion of an Agreement with Actinver Bank in Mexico to implement LiveBank

Based on stock exchange report No. 8/2018

On 7th of June Ailleron Company signed a contract with Actinver Bank, based in Mexico, to implement the LiveBank platform.

The project assumes the implementation of a new form of contact between clients and the bank, i.e. text and audio conversations, video interactions with functions such as: presentation of materials, authorization operations and the ability to authenticate clients online. The solution will be available both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

LiveBank is an innovative and unique solution from Ailleron that helps millions of bank customers fill-in the gap between self-care Internet/mobile banking and brick-and-mortar branches. LiveBank lets banks engage with their customers using dynamic offers and real-time online assistance using video, audio, text chat, click to call and co-browse functionalities. LiveBank complements other electronic channels and enables banks to work with customers at any time convenient for them.

Actinver Bank is a Mexican bank focused on wealth clients, investment banking and customer asset management. Since 1994, the Bank has been rapidly expanding its operations and currently has 60 strategically located branches throughout the country, employing 1,850 employees, and the growing distribution network puts it among the five most important private banks in the country. Actinver is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The contract does not exceed 10% of the equity of the Company, according to the latest published consolidated financial statements of Ailleron SA for 2017.

The agreement has strategic importance for the Company and the Group, due to the expansion of its products to new region – NALA (North America and Latin America).

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