April 2020

Coronavirus on the Web: cybersecurity in the time of pandemic

Coronavirus already spread to all countries in the world. The effects of this pandemic can be seen not only in hospitals or media, but also on the internet. That is where we can encounter dozens of people that want to make money off the fear and misinformation – and those people have their ways to do so effectively. Thus, cybersecurity becomes an increasingly important matter. But how we can stay safe in the information (and misinformation) age?

Lie pandemic

When coronavirus had been discovered in Europe for the first time, all the false information quickly followed. Fake news was one of the first indicators of upcoming chaos – and they were only published to spread fear among readers. Usually they covered a variety of sensational topics, such as leaving elderly people to death at retirement homes or city closures – and all those stories were claimed to be provided by high officials or politicians. The effects of those gossips could be seen with bare eyes, when hundreds of people rushed to the shops to buy rice, pasta and toilet paper.

The fake news did not stop here. Soon after the school closure in Poland, thousands of people received text messages informing about the blocking of funds on the account by the state. The condition of retaining PLN 1,000 was to log in to the account, allowing fraudsters to obtain their data. This false information was believable for many – in the thicket of hastily enacted laws the one regarding the seizure of private money seemed plausible. However, this was only a beginning. Soon after thousands of people received an information about mandatory, paid vaccinations for Polish citizens with a mysterious link to some kind of payment. Both of these scams were quickly exposed, although there were certainly many people who believed in them – at least for a while.

Our money is a target

Our money has always been targeted by the scammers. This tendency has not changed in the time of coronavirus, instead this phenomenon began to grow. In the same time verifying the suspicious news became more difficult, as many branches were forced to close and hotlines are overcrowded with worried customers. Those problems require us to look for new technologies capable of handling all of those issues.

LiveBank is a solution to all the problems in banking industry created by the ongoing pandemic. It is an intuitive platform that makes it easy for the customer to contact with a bank agent. This technology allows us to talk to the customer support via chat, voice call or video connection. Thus, verifying the information found in other sources is easier than ever before!

LiveBank is also a platform that can replace both face-to-face and mail communication with the customers. It can be used to inform the clients about introducing new features or regulations, as well as other sudden changes. This technology can also act as remote sales platform, as it can be integrated with other banking systems. What is more, LiveBank is also capable of shortening wait times on the hotlines thanks to multichat features, allowing the agents to talk to multiple customers at the same time. Thus, it is a perfect solution for sharing essential information with the customers in the age of coronavirus.

Last but not least, LiveBank guarantees the highest possible security standards not only for agents, but also for bank customers. This program allows you to quickly identify the customer while maintaining the data security. It is also capable of authenticating all of customers’ activities. What is more, LiveBank has biometrics feature that can confirm one’s identity. It means that selling banking services online is no longer risky! We can therefore conclude that this is a platform that allows the further sale of banking services even when all the branches are closed.

Stay at home and stay safe on the web!

Customers are not the only ones who have to care about their safety even more. Financial institutions should also prioritize that matter! Fortunately, there are a few tips that you could use to improve the communication and security in this extraordinary situation.

  1. Establish secure communication channels. Getting in touch with your customers and face-to-face contact with an agent can help you spread the news in case of sudden events or changes.
  2. Choose an experienced software provider. Ailleron is definitely one of them! We have a lot of experienced and so far we cooperated with one of the biggest banks in the world, such as Citibank and Standard Chartered.
  3. Check all the emerging information about your company and spot the fake news early. Use LiveBank to let your customers know about scammers activity as soon as possible to avoid problems.

Last, but not least – do not succumb to panic! In the time of coronavirus, it is hard to find sensational news that have nothing to do with reality. Take your time to verify them using government websites and reliable sources before taking any further steps.

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