July 2018

Digital Onboarding Santander Bank Poland

Opens accounts with On-line Advisor

The customers of Bank Zachodni WBK can now open new accounts without leaving their homes with a new, fully digital process. This is possible thanks to the Digital Onboarding process, which makes going to the bank branch and talking to a teller obsolete. The innovative solution has been implemented as a significant extension of the On-line Advisor – the virtual branch, based on Ailleron’s LiveBank technology.

On-line Advisor

At the end of 2015, Bank Zachodni launched the On-line Advisor service, which enables customers to talk to a bank’s agent via secure video, audio and chat channels. This communication channel has now been enriched with a number of functions enabling efficient cooperation and increasing both the number of applications submitted and the satisfaction of the bank’s customers. The bank’s mobile application has been distinguished internationally many times as one of the best in Europe and the world, thanks to, among other things, its integration with the On-line Advisor.

The implementation and development of the system was carried out by Ailleron, whose LiveBank virtual branch is available in more than 20 countries, enabling over 150 million bank customers worldwide to effectively communicate with their banks.

Digital Onboarding, or quick and easy opening of new accounts

In 2017, Bank Zachodni signed an agreement with Ailleron SA for the implementation of the Digital Onboarding module in the On-line Advisor, which is based on the LiveBank technology. The new service allows for easier opening of accounts without the need to visit the bank or wait for the contract to be delivered by courier. The Digital Onboarding process is the latest trend facilitating and automating the remote acquisition of new customers, which will allow the most innovative banks to gain a competitive edge.

“We were one of the first banks in Poland that enabled our customers to open an account using the Digital Onboarding process via their computers and smartphones. We are pleased that the LiveBank platform, previously implemented by Ailleron, is so flexible that it allows us to add this process and further dynamically develop remote contact with the bank,” says Tomasz Niewiedział, Director of the Multi-Channel Banking Area at Bank Zachodni WBK SA.

Account opening process

The Digital Onboarding process consists of several short steps that allow the creation of a new account and acquiring a new customer in a matter of minutes. First, a video connection is established with the On-line Advisor, who starts the Digital Onboarding process. The Advisor then asks the customer to hold their ID card in front of the camera, and then to show it from the back side, as well as from different angles, and then their face, in order to take pictures.

The system then compares the biometric features of the customer’s face with the ID card, such as the distance between the eyes, the nose and ears. Dozens of features are verified in order to ensure, with as much certainty as possible, that the person communicating with the bank via video is the same person as in the photo on the document. The agent verifies whether the document has all the authenticity features, and the system reads the data from the ID card using the OCR function and automatically inserts them into the appropriate form. When the system detects inconsistencies, it immediately informs the Advisor and presents the problem.

The customer’s data is verified in an external database and internal bank resources, and when the customer goes through the process positively, the On-line Advisor presents the contract to the customer on screen, which can then be confirmed and concluded with an oral declaration of will. A new bank account is then created automatically. The contract is sent in an encrypted file via e-mail. The recording of the entire conversation between the customer and the On-line Advisor serves as the proof of concluding the contract.

Digital Onboarding and the GDPR

In order to comply with the new GDPR regulations governing the protection of personal data in the European Union, the entire process is recorded and archived, with the option of automatic deletion of the recording, which is also regulated by the new law.


We are pleased that Bank Zachodni has again chosen us to implement another automatic process at the bank, which is another step in our long-standing cooperation. Working together with such an innovative and award-winning bank is both an honour and a challenge for us. The implementation of pioneering projects, often on a global scale, allows us to achieve outstanding technological development and gives us a very good reference. Thanks to this, both the Polish banking sector and our company are perceived in the international arena as extremely innovative, bold and often setting trends.


Piotr Skrabski
Vice-President of Ailleron SA and Managing Director of LiveBank

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