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November 2014

LiveBank at banking conferences in Dubai and Istanbul

Software Mind participated in the Banking Innovation Summit in Dubai and Istanbul. Those are the largest conferences, where the latest technologies dedicated to the financial sector are presented, bringing together representatives of key banks in the region and the world.

During numerous meetings with potential customers and partners – The Managing Director of LiveBank – presented the new image of LiveBank, and above all, approached the idea of a virtual branch and a functional scope of the product.

LiveBank fully implements the concept of a virtual bank branch, which perfectly fills in the gap between the physical bank branches and transactional websites. The system enables

  • remote offering of banking services by instant access to experts and advisers, in time and place convenient for the customer, with the use of highly-efficient video calls
  • the solution provides a set of tools to facilitate the use of banking services: interactive calculators and forms
  • sharing work on a document (client and advisor), as well as mutual exchange of files
  • all of these functions are protected by modern encryption methods

Moreover, Software Mind uses for authentication the technologies of voice biometrics, which in addition to convenience, provide the customer with the highest level of transaction security – the same that is provided by fingerprint readers. Bank customers therefore benefit from a very comfortable, modern and at the same time safe service through the video channel. Banks, however, by using LiveBank, lower their maintenance costs and time needed to up to 50%. It is worth noting that the implementation in mBank has significantly increased both the number of interactions with the bank, as well as the number of transactions made through the online channel. Besides, the possibility of extending a virtual helping hand and the ability of the subtle presentation of offers additionally affects the performance of the bank in this channel.

LiveBank is also a product created in the spirit of social responsibility. Why? Because it is dedicated to linguistic minorities or persons using the sign language. It does not require installation of any additional software or plug-ins – it works in the browser and on mobile devices, and an intuitive interface is easy to use even for the elderly.

LiveBank is perfectly tailored to the assumptions of the conference, where people presented and discussed innovations for banks in the region.

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