December 2018

LiveBank is Azure Ready now! Ailleron Fintech partnership with Microsoft

As vendor of the latest technologies, mainly for the FINTECH sector, which is very demanding and challenging, we provide our clients with the best, most optimal and safe solutions that enable them to achieve their business goals. We focus on continuous development as well as innovation in the approach to ongoing projects.

Therefore Ailleron develops its products and services basing on cloud platform in order to increase time to market, flexibility and scalability. For this purpose we tightened cooperation with Microsoft, signing Enterprise agreement in the scope of Azure Cloud. It’s definitely practical and effective environment for conducting our activities and setting up new projects in  well-organized way. In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud of unlimited capacity which enables its users to access their resources and additional services, maintain applications and increase data center capabilities. Thanks to Azure, we can easily implement apps for our customers in reliable and secure environment.

Our choice of Microsoft Azure Platform was strategic – it was launched to share and develop products, as a current trend of using computing power, disc space and set of services available directly in the cloud. Such solution provides us with ease of creating and implementing apps without scaling eke managing them, leading projects on the global market.

What’s more, our innovative fintech solution – LiveBank – is now Azure Ready! It’s technologically advanced Virtual Bank’s Branch system, transporting 95% of bank’s services to remote server, preserving possibility of direct interaction human – bank. This video, audio and chat omnichannel platform is helping financial institutions fill the gap between cost-efficient, self-care internet/mobile banking and branches that are rich in advice and effective in terms of conversion rate. Alongside traditional ’on premise’ model, it’s also accessible in the cloud technology!

LiveBank is introduced by Microsoft to its internal portfolio of co-sell products as a solution addressing virtual branch idea. Thanks to this, all Microsoft sales teams all over the world, may find  out about LiveBank and offer it when they recognize such opportunity at their customers.

Cooperation with such recognizable and valued player as Microsoft, ensures our customers that choice of LiveBank implanted on the Azure Cloud is going to be solution complying with the highest international standards. We are convinced, it will provide us with endless possibilities of scalability development and management. It’s a huge time saver, not to mention low initial costs and fast implementation period.

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Piotr Skrabski

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    A virtual branch will work perfectly wherever efficient service is crucial