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September 2014

How many clients talks to Expert Online by mBank?

Our client – mBank released data concerning Expert Online, which is our key LiveBank product. Consumers' interest in banking services available via video channel is huge.

Take a look at these elements from a mBank press release on Expert Online. Let us start from the figures.

  • Within 10 months from the start of Expert Online, the number of connections with consultants has raised fourfold.
  • 200 000 clients decided to contact us via video channel this year.
  • 90% of banking transactions can be carried out with Expert Online

What is the basis of Expert Online success?

Expert Online is an online branch of the bank, which effectively combines the traditional role of an adviser with the availability of electronic banking and modern technology. The online consultants do not differ from consultants customers know from the traditional branches – they know the whole bank’s offer, and can help with the implementation of current transactions and orders.

Large Scale Innovation!

“In terms of availability and scope of proposed services, Expert Online has an advantage over solutions of such e-commerce leaders as Amazon. The said solution is a video-service called Mayday, which appeared on the U.S. market after the introduction of Expert Online, and has been immediately recognized as a breakthrough innovation. However, Amazon’s service is addressed to a narrow group of users, unlike mBank’s solution. In addition, the scope of the assistance in mBank covers almost the whole offer, not just a single product. Increasingly, more clients, interested in investing or using mBank’s credit offer, are coming back to us. Because they can analyze charts and tables on a given product with an adviser without leaving their homes, which makes deciding on a purchase easier and faster. Moreover, the bank’s experts can present documents, slides and web pages on the client’s screen, during a conversation. Both the consultant and the client can select the most important content, highlight text, and draw, thanks to a special clipboard,” says Łukasz Wiktor Director of mBank Customer Service.

Expert Online is the most innovative solution of such type on the market, not only in Poland.

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