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September 2015

The prevalence of the video banking channel is rising!

The more and more popular video banking system is gaining a significant advantage over other live communication channels (such as chat or audio). The results of an analysis conducted in banks which implemented such a solution show the video banking channel generating significant revenue – as opposed to other forms of contact, which are not as effective.

Clients gladly use chat or audio channels, though only to a certain extent. They do not trust these channels enough to conclude transactions in such a way. However, they have no reservations about doing so while using the video channel, which allows for direct contact with a live person. This is particularly important in the decision-making process concerning advanced products such as credit or leasing.

Bank BZ WBK is a confirmation of this observation, as their clients often initially engage in conversation with their consultant by chat and later upgrade the session to a video channel in order to carry out a transaction.

The aforementioned information is also confirmed by the statistics of mBank, which gained a million contacts in a year after launching the service in July 2013; 15% of them originating from their Online Expert video service. Video channel shares are at 20% at present and continue to grow!

Promotion of the video channel is perfectly illustrated by the example of mBank, which has been using this form of contact for more than 30 months. This screen shows that despite the larger cost of the transaction, video – not audio or chat – is the preferred channal. Undoubtedly, the level of conversion for this channel is much larger than for other electronic forms of contact, which is consistent with our expectations.

The virtual bank solution is increasing its prevalence by merging modernity with tradition. Clients can make use of the bank’s services anywhere, at any time, whilst still being able to contact an actual person. This produces results in the form of an increasing number of transactions concluded over the video channel, which is visible in the sales level.


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