March 2020

Will Virtual Branch work for your bank?

Experience the Virtual Branch Banking with LiveBank. Ready for your customers in 10 days!

LiveBank is an omnichannel communication and collaboration hub for banks that aggregate all communication channels like text chat, video and audio. LiveBank provides retail banks secure and friendly contact channels for its clients.

This synergy of technology and people enriches communications and establishes the grounds for the digitalization of bank processes. As result of LiveBank implementation, banks experience a boost in sales, increased customer satisfaction and higher first call resolution rates.

The objective of the Pilot project is to allow banks to quickly assess how LiveBank can support selected business scenarios involving customers. The results can be measured using a KPI proposed by Ailleron, as well as other KPIs defined during an on-site business workshop. After 3-months of testing the bank is free to make a decision on the basis of real experiences with LiveBank – to either use LiveBank on a commercial basis or discontinue it without any further costs.

We propose the following scenarios for a Pilot. We recommend that 1-2 options should be selected for the 3 month Pilot in order to concentrate on specific targets.

  • Boost Web Form Conversion / Sales Efficiency
  • Digitize mortgage sales
  • Increase First Call Resolution Rates
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction
  • Extend the reach of the bank’s offer and activate new customer groups
  • Simplify authentication and shorten average call lengths

The key assumptions for the Pilot project include:

  • Delivery via cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • Free licences for 5 bank agents
  • Minimal integrations to save time and costs
  • Agreed list of functions based on the business scenarios to be supported
  • 2 week delivery time
  • A bank has 3 months to test LiveBank on the defined business scenarios

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