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Our Platform: The Foundation of Innovative AI-driven Customer Service

Designed by our team, managed by your team

Chatbots: Reach Should Exceed Grasp

Society has been inundated with promises of revolutionary artificial intelligence that can think, act and respond just like…

Chatbots: The Final Piece of Your Customer Service Puzzle

Today’s cutthroat environment means that a business needs to use every competitive edge to set itself apart from…

Virtual banking suited to large and small banks

Have you ever tought about how digitalization can change the level of banking? Let’s face it. No matter…

Piotr Skrabski for The FinTech Times – digital transformation and most essential technologies

As digitalization  process is developing more and more advanced tools are  appearing to fulfill customer’s needs. Nontheless the…

Will virtual branches gradually displace contact centers?

More and more financial service providers are incrementally changing their model of functionating – from traditional to more…

How can banks dramatically improve their customer service?

According to Millennial Insight Report, as much as 52 percent of millennials (aged between 18-34) take advantage of…

LiveBank takes Greek bank into a new era of customer service

Piraeus Bank is a Greek bank which owns 30% of the market in the country [2]. It has…

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