Transform your Clients User Experiences with LiveBank’s Dynamic Communication Ecosystem

Elevate Your Customer Engagement, Seamless Harmony Across Every Channel and Foster Simplified Communication to Boost Sales

Deliver a Seamless Unified Experience Across Every Channel on Any Platform

In a world of dynamic interactions, having access to diverse communication channels and being able to blend traditional with modern ones is crucial for building lasting relationships with customers. LiveBank offers cutting-edge solutions, enabling your business to effectively manage communication. Discover our advanced tools, facilitating interactions through chat, audio, video, social media and phone excelling at customer high expectations.


Ensure instant communication through text-based chat. Our system allows lightning-fast responses to customer queries, providing both: real-time support (synchronous chat) and continuous chat (asynchronous).

The chat interaction is created upon clicking chat icon by the Client. If the Advisor is available, than the synchronous chat is being established. Both parties are online and both can write and send messages at the same time. The asynchronous chat is a messaging concept designed to provide the feeling of being always connected to your Advisor. Customer can write a message at any time, no matter if Advisor is on-line or not. After sending a message, the Customer can close the app and return to it at later time, for example after being notified that the response is waiting.

The Continuous chat conversation is an option available for existing Bank’s Customers. Text messages can be send and received when both sides are in interaction as well as when only one party is online.

The system allows to configure the number of parallel connections that the Advisor can handle at the same time.

If the situation requires channel change, or in order to speed up the conversation, the system allows to upgrade the ongoing conversation either to audio or video chat, at any time.


Hear and be heard with our audio communication feature. LiveBank enables smooth conversations, eliminating barriers between customers and Advisors. Audio interaction allows for precise information exchange, building even stronger relationships while maintaining privacy if you don’t want to show where you are or are not in the mood to show yourself to the other party.

Audio calls are possible after clicking the appropriate contact icon. Our routing system directs such a call to the Advisor supporting the given contact channel. During an audio call, all functionalities that were available in the chat interaction are also here. It is also possible to join another specialist for a multiconference call or start a screensharing session. The chat column is also available, so you can exchange the most important information in the chat. Audio calls are always handled by an Advisor who does not currently have any other calls in progress. In other words, the Advisor deals only with a given Client (it is not possible for him to have an audio conversation with one Client and a chat with another).

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Experience direct communication through our video feature. If an audio connection is not sufficient, and you wish to truly communicate ‘face to face,’ you can establish (or upgrade from chat or audio) video interactions. Our system ensures high-quality video calls, regardless of the distance between the conversing parties. Like audio calls, a full range of functionalities is available here, with the added capability of visual interaction. Certain processes supported by LiveBank, such as the eKYC process, necessitate an active video connection.

We have also implemented a robust reconnect system, capable of restoring interactions with the same Advisor in the event of a temporary loss of connection.

We offer the ability to conduct video calls, enabling more personal and advanced interactions. With LiveBank, you can cultivate deeper connections with customers, delivering unique experiences during every interaction.

Social Media

We recognize the influence of social media communication channels and acknowledge their potential, particularly in connecting with the younger generation. Hence, we have integrated our system to support these channels. One doesn’t need to be a client of the bank to initiate communication with it. Through social media channels, you can engage in chats, offering a versatile means of communication.

These channels prove beneficial not only when reaching out to the bank or exploring the available product offerings but also in building outreach and executing supporting marketing campaigns, such as competitions. Certain processes supported by LiveBank, such as issue resolution or customer feedback collection, find a natural fit within social media conversations. But these channels present an ideal alternative to traditional telephone calls as well.

When interaction is established via a social media channel, the Advisor is promptly notified. The range of available system functions is tailored to the specific application.

These channels are primarily utilized to provide general information about products and services available in the Bank. Should you wish to obtain details about your personal products, the system supports a seamless solution, enabling the transfer of the ongoing conversation to the secure LiveBank channel.

Phone calls

In situations where traditional telephony remains indispensable or when data transfer is constrained by location, our telephone connection emerges as the perfect solution for seamless banking communication whenever the need arises. Our system is designed to seamlessly support ‘traditional telephony,’ mastering the intricate fusion of incoming calls from traditional telephony with VoIP calls. This breakthrough allows a single Advisor to effortlessly manage diverse communication types within one unified application. Notably, the Consultant’s accurate status remains visible in the routing system, irrespective of ongoing conversations.

While traditional telephone connections offer limited possibilities for verifying customer identity and presenting graphic content, they prove invaluable for individuals accustomed to conventional solutions or those not ready to embrace the World of Digital Banking. Similar to interactions via social media channels, our Advisors are adeptly informed about the connection type, ensuring that system functionalities align seamlessly with the capabilities of each communication channel.

These innovative functionalities transcend limitations, offering a versatile tool that caters to both 100% digital customers and those adhering to traditional methods. By embracing these capabilities, we ensure that every customer experience is optimized, regardless of their preferred mode of communication.

Top Key Features

  • Smooth Switching Between Channels: Seamlessly transition between chat, audio, and video channels for a cohesive customer experience. Transfer your social media interaction to a more secure channel whenever necessary.

  • Integrated User Experience Among All Channels: Enjoy a unified application view that ensures a consistent and integrated experience across all communication channels.

  • Traditional Phone Calls Supported: LiveBank supports traditional phone calls, providing a familiar and reliable communication option.

  • Platform Available on Mobile or Web: Access the LiveBank platform conveniently through mobile devices or web browsers.

  • Unleash real-time brilliance or craft your dialogue at your own tempo – elevating conversations with synchronous and asynchronous chat experiences.

  • Scheduled Calls or On Demand: Choose between scheduled calls for planned interactions or on-demand communication for immediate engagement.

Invest in the future of business communication with LiveBank

together, we will create exceptional experiences for your customers.

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