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E-client support focused on solving problems and getting things done


    Optimise and automate

    By ensuring secure browser-based access from all devices, LiveBank supports agents’ work from any location. Collaboration tools such as screen-sharing, co-browsing, or file exchange facilitate efficient remote customer support. LiveBank’s eKYC processes enable automated online onboarding of new clients as identity verification and authentication no longer require a visit to a physical branch.

    Optimise and automate

    Measure team performance

    Customer support metrics and KPIs provide information on your team’s effectiveness, help identify bottlenecks, and make improvement plans. LiveBank enables reporting and monitoring KPIs such as SL, AHT, ASA/FRT, FCR.

    Measure team performance

    Boost customer satisfaction

    Efficiency in handling client issues and troubleshooting is fundamental to customer satisfaction. LiveBank’s solution puts clients at the centre of communication, ensures convenience and a great experience when interacting with a bank. Offer your clients a single sign-on, seamless switching between multiple channels and case-based communication, and watch your CSAT and CRR go up.

    Boost customer satisfaction

Solve your problems with LiveBank

How to increase client satisfaction with remote customer support?

Your clients use various devices, opt for particular solutions, and require help at different stages. Improve satisfaction and customer effort score with LiveBank.

  • Omnichannel

    Create a one-of-its-kind experience by providing your clients with continuous access to secure banking via multiple communication channels, and ensure seamless switching between the channels.

  • Smart routing

    Provide the highest quality of service by routing cases to agents with expertise in a given field.

  • Automation

    Equip your agents with predefined links, files, and canned responses to reduce the waiting time.

  • Aggregated data

    Provide efficient service by aggregating all information and the history of interactions in one place.

  • Feedback

    Let your clients know you care about their opinion and monitor their satisfaction by sending a survey after the case is closed.

How to reduce your ticket queue and shorten service time?

When requests for support are cumulating, agents are not able to respond to clients promptly, and the resolution time is too long, LiveBank will make a real difference.

  • Optimised workflow

    Implement a multi-chat enabling an agent to have a conversation with even three clients simultaneously.

  • Competence

    Use the routing function to seamlessly redirect clients to the agents most competent in a given topic.

  • Collaboration

    Provide agents with tools such as screen sharing, co-browsing, file exchange, and knowledge base to ensure efficient collaboration with a client and shorten the average resolution time.

  • Smart planning

    Adjust the number of agents to the forecast load thanks to the possibility of flexible scaling

  • Data-driven management

    Use traffic and service performance monitoring tools to forecast traffic and plan budgets.

How to provide agents with an aggregated history of interactions on different issues and respond on point?

Clients expect convenience, simplicity, and a sense of continuity. Agents need quick access to prior conversations and case context.

  • Case-based communication

    Ensure case-based communication and aggregate interactions from different channels in one place.

  • Consolidated information

    Give clients and agents insight into the complete history of the conversation on a given topic and the status of a case.

  • Proactivity

    Facilitate agents’ proactive approach to customer support by enabling them to initiate outbound interactions.

  • Personalisation

    Share personalized files thanks to integration with the banking document repository.

  • Recording and archiving

    Record video and audio connections, text messages, collaboration, and any other kind of interaction to retrieve it when needed.

  • Real-time support

    majority of clients expect real-time support regardless of the communication channel

  • Efficiency

    significantly greater efficiency compared to telephone support

  • Throughput

    2300 chat interactions serviced per month by a single agent

See what success with LiveBank looks like

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    Citibank has signed an agreement to implement Polish LiveBank technology, which will enable bank’s customers in 16 countries to benefit from virtual banking without leaving home. This is the first implementation of a virtual banking system on such a large scale in the world.

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    Standard Chartered Bank, which has more than 1,200 branches in over 70 countries, has launched the LiveBank virtual banking system developed by the Cracovian company Ailleron in their Chinese branches. The bank had already implemented this pilot solution in Malaysia and Singapore, and the rapid adoption of LiveBank by users in the region opened the […]

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Our clients say it best

Conversation history and notifications about incoming messages are only some of the many solutions implemented as part of the project, carried out in cooperation with Ailleron. Very positive feedback from our customers shows us that we have taken the right path, which in turn poses additional challenges for us in terms of further product development.

Jarosław Ścigała

Manager of the Contact Center Development Department at mBank

An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes. An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes.

Aleksandra Buczkowska

Contact Center Director at mBank

As we have demonstrated in the past with our digital innovations, which has included the digital e-Kiosk, and the CommBank SmartWealth app – our awardwinning wealth management mobile application, Bank Commonwealth is committed to realising its digital transformation journey with CommBank Mobile. By partnering with LiveBank we have been able to make CommBank Mobile the next evolution of that journey, and the technology will ensure Bank Commonwealth continues moving towards our purpose: Building a brighter future for all.

Ming Chen

Director of Digital & Strategy at PT. Bank Commonwealth

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Why Do You Need Digital Customer Service Solutions?

Digital customer service solutions are an invaluable asset to any organization operating in the finance sector. Why exactly do you need them? Let’s take a look at this from your point of view – the problems your bank might struggle with and the ways such software solves them.


Challenge: Growing operational costs

Solution: Digital customer service solutions automate processes and accelerate your agents’ work, increasing their productivity and allowing them to complete more tasks per month.

Example: AI Assistant that helps agents solve customer queries via chat faster and more accurately.


Challenge: Long waiting queues in customer service

Solution: Digital customer service solutions make ticket-solving faster, hence reducing queues.

Example: LiveBank comes with a few tools that can help you overcome this challenge:

  • AI Bots solving simple queries without human involvement,
  • smart routing ensuring that the customer is directed to the most suitable agent,
  • data integration enabling agents to access all relevant information about the customer swiftly.


Challenge: Low customer retention

Solution: Digital banking solutions improve customer experience and help your agents customize it, hence building satisfaction and loyalty.

Example: LiveBank’s AI assistant enables your agents to tailor the tone of messages to each customer; it also provides customers with personalized product recommendations.


Challenge: Unlinked channels and strategies

Solution: Digital banking solutions integrate data from all the channels, enabling banks to adopt the omnichannel approach.

Example: LiveBank can be integrated with your other banking systems, creating a unified information database for all channels. Due to features like automated onboarding and video calls, our platform lets your customers use the optimal communication channel at all times, even if it changes over the course of one query.