LiveBank: Collaboration Without Boundaries – Latest Tools for Effective Communication Support for Advisors and Clients

Providing Innovative Solutions for Effective and Fruitful Online Collaboration

Experience a Seamless Unified Journey Across Every Channel on Any Platform

Step into the realm of LiveBank Collaboration tools, where groundbreaking features are designed to ensure seamless collaboration between advisors and clients. We provide flexible and advanced solutions, enhancing the efficiency of every interaction across every channel, and on any platform.

Our tools extend communication capabilities through chat, audio, or video conferences, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive collaborative experience.

Embark on an unparalleled journey with LiveBank, introducing revolutionary tools crafted to enhance synergy between advisors and clients. Our commitment extends beyond delivering solutions — we strive to create an experience that transforms your online collaboration.

Multiconference Calls

Effortless video conferences bringing together multiple participants, allowing advisors and multiple clients to be present simultaneously. Ideal for various scenarios, such as group presentations or, for instance, when a company secures a loan and requires signatures from several company representatives on the submitted documents.

In a multiconference setting, there are no participant limits imposed by either the Bank or the Client. These meetings function as “meeting rooms,” accessible through invitation links. Moreover, additional participants can be invited even during an ongoing meeting if the need arises.

Bi-directional Screensharing

Elevate your collaborative experience with LiveBank’s Bi-Directional Screensharing feature. This exchange of visual information enhances communication and understanding, fostering a more interactive and engaging collaboration session. Whether you’re co-editing documents, troubleshooting software, or jointly reviewing crucial data, Bi-Directional Screensharing transforms virtual interactions into dynamic, real-time collaborations. With this feature, LiveBank empowers advisors and clients to seamlessly exchange ideas, work together on projects, and achieve shared goals, breaking down barriers in the online collaboration landscape. Discover the transformative power of screensharing, providing a richer, more immersive collaborative environment for both advisors and clients.

Discover the possibilities within LiveBank and unlock a new dimension of online collaboration

Our commitment to creative and effective solutions sets the stage for a transformative collaboration experience – ready for growth and innovation!

Screensharing from Customer

Facilitate transparent communication as clients share their screens, offering advisors direct insight into specific issues or questions. This feature serves as a time-saving catalyst for efficient problem resolution.

With the client’s consent, they can present their screen view to the specialist. The user retains control over what they want to showcase, be it an application window, a browser page, or the entire screen. Robust security measures are in place – the system intelligently detects the content being presented, automatically blurring sensitive data (such as an online banking login panel). This ensures that advisors cannot access confidential authentication information.

Guide customers through locating the information they seek, providing an interactive and fully secure collaboration tool. This hands-on approach allows advisors to gain direct insight into specific issues or questions, significantly reducing the time needed for issue resolution. Experience the visible and substantial impact of this feature on enhancing the efficiency of problem-solving.

Screensharing from Advisor

Enhance your message with visual clarity by presenting graphic materials directly to your clients. Advisors can share their screens, conducting presentations, demonstrations, or providing visual support to articulate the details of your offer. Boost efficiency by sharing information in real-time.

Whether showcasing content from the Bank’s public websites, confidential materials for your recipient, or even competitors’ websites for product feature comparisons – no plugins or additional tools are required. Simply click and start, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our system also facilitates collaboration on PDF files, allowing you to highlight or circle crucial information for your recipient. Empower your vision with Screensharing, unlocking seamless collaboration where ideas take flight in real-time excellence.


Scheduled Calls

Strategically plan and coordinate your client meetings in advance, ensuring alignment with the schedules of both parties. LiveBank’s scheduling feature promotes thoughtful and efficient conversations, ultimately optimizing the advisor-client relationship. Plan your meetings proactively, accommodating both parties with our tool’s seamless scheduling capabilities. Easily coordinate schedules for well-thought-out and effective conversations.

When scheduling a meeting with a client, our system reserves your time in the routing system well in advance, allowing you to complete your current activities and arrive at the meeting promptly. Punctuality and thorough preparation are highly valued, enhancing the reception and increasing the likelihood of a fruitful conversation.

The link with the invitation to the conversation remains active within the set time frame, enabling clients to join the meeting earlier if desired. They will be placed in the waiting room and will wait for the scheduled time. This solution empowers you to plan your working time effectively, ensuring you can arrange your duties appropriately for optimal preparedness in each scheduled meeting.

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Top Key Features

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    Innovative Collaboration Tools

    LiveBank introduces cutting-edge tools for advisors and clients to elevate their online collaboration experience.

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    Unified Collaboration across Channels

    Seamlessly integrate collaboration features across all communication channels, including chat, audio, and video conferences. Experience the versatility of our tools consistently, ensuring a cohesive and effective collaborative environment tailored to individual preferences.

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    Multiconference Calls

    Effortlessly conduct video conferences with multiple stakeholders simultaneously, redefining group presentations and meetings with multiple stakeholders.

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    Screensharing Capabilities

    Facilitate transparent communication with Screensharing from both the customer and the advisor, providing direct insight into specific issues or questions.

  • Scheduled Calls

    Plan meetings in advance, ensuring alignment with the schedules of both parties for thoughtful and efficient conversations.

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    Dynamic Collaboration Experience

    Experience a new dimension of collaboration with LiveBank’s Bi-Directional Screensharing, allowing real-time sharing for interactive, immersive, and effective collaboration between advisors and clients.

Discover full range of Collaboration Tools for LiveBank

Experience a new dimension of online collaboration – ready for creative and effective solutions!

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