Mortgage experience-changing digital engagement technology

Scale up your mortgage operations with 100% remote lending

No need to visit bank branches with fully remote home lending journey

LiveBank Customer Engagement Center

Easy to deploy Cloud-based platform designed with banking standards in mind. Confirmed by implementation at ING Bank.

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  • End-to-end home lending experience

    Continuous assistance of professional mortgage loan advisors

  • All-in-one IT ecosystem

    Single customer engagement platform integrated with multiple bank systems

  • Ready-made solution

    Out-of-the-box cloud-based software proven in banks worldwide

  • Advanced collaboration tools

    Secure file transfer, adding comments, document check, screen sharing

  • Customer visibility

    Immediate access to chat history, uploaded documents and application statuses for both the client and advisor

  • 100% remote

    Secure and practical omnichannel service that covers the entire online home lending procedure

  • Real-life digital CX

    Intense and distinctive customer experience with advisor-assisted digital technology

  • Performance supervision

    Analytics and management reporting, data-based forecasting, performance overview

  • Paperless

    Remote client authentication, document authorisation and fully digital e-closing

  • Accelerated mortgage process

    Readily available advisors, quick feedback, fast information transfer

  • Secure document circulation

    Centralised access to all documents integrated with a bank’s repository system

  • Multichannel communication

    Providing end-to-end service by seamlessly transitioning between voice, video, chat, email, and messaging

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    Realtime feedback on the lending process and advisor performance

  • Cloud scalability

    Scale the number of seats up or down based on demand

  • User-friendly interface

    White-label, intuitive and friendly UI

Provide your customers with fully remote end-to-end home lending process


Use a remote approach to attract potential borrowers and successfully convert them into loan applications.

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  • Target new leads

    Attract leads across different channels to one platform and guide them through the loan process with features that improve communication and document flow.

  • Upgrade lead management tools

    Provide your loan advisors with a dedicated channel for communicating with potential borrowers. Facilitate communication with a collaborative toolset to exchange documents, visualise the offer in screen sharing mode, and send direct messages synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Reach digital users

    Meet the needs of digital users who expect an end-to-end remote service. Create a distinctive image of the bank’s offer, distinguished by a trend-setting service model.

  • Increase advisers availability

    Manage your team of advisors to be more accessible to new clients who can schedule an online meeting on any date and in any location.

  • Optimize your field workforce

    Reduce field workforce costs by migrating leads to a trusted digital platform handled by your agents.

  • Reduce loan application processing time

    The digital home lending process efficiently handles the loan application in a short timeframe. This is a key factor when borrowers choose which bank to apply to based on the likeliness of acceptance and speed of the process.


Enable advisor-assisted communication throughout the process to engage your borrowers in their home lending journey.

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  • Manage pre-application documents

    Let potential borrowers understand the paperwork process and guide them via a customer dashboard presenting a to-do list and documents to be delivered.

  • Provide available advisors with support

    Assist your leads at every step in the process via inbound and outbound messaging, communicate synchronously or asynchronously, and add comments to each action when needed.

  • Collect data automatically

    Streamline the process of collecting lead data with pre-filled forms or authenticating your existing customers with SSO.

  • Track and review the conversation

    Keep the entire conversation on one platform with immediate access to chat history for the client or an advisor.

  • Introduce a multi-channel communication

    Introduce instant communication: chat, video, adding comments, document checks, and inbound or outbound messaging.

  • Maintain transparent and customer-centered communication

    Ensure the highest quality in personalised service. Keep the communication flow transparent, allowing you to track interactions based on a specific customer case and have instant access to conversation history.

  • Explore advanced supervisor view

    Discover your leads’ sources, analyse complex data, track application statuses, measure customer service quality, and manage workforce utilisation to increase conversion rate.


To reduce loan application timeframe, utilise automated processes, integrated collaboration tools, and easily attainable advisor support.

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  • Use a remote authentication, authorization and e-Closing

    LiveBank introduces e-closing, where mortgage document signatures are electronic and secure.

  • Collaborate on documents with complete visibility

    Reduce documentation errors with active agent checks on the review tab and adding comments.

  • Keep one storage space integrated with bank repository

    A quick integration makes it secure, easy and convenient to store and sync documents directly between LiveBank CEC and the bank’s repository.

  • Supervise team performance

    Analyse and manage workforce utilisation, track application statuses, improve customer service quality and quantity, and do data-based forecasting.

  • Reduce costs of lending

    Utilise the resources you already have to process more leads and customers, digitise your service delivery approach, and reduce the cost of your field workforce.

  • Reach your borrowers faster with outbound messaging

    Contact your borrowers immediately and shorten your application timeframe using instant feedback and asynchronous outbound messaging to prompt clients to act.


Provide digital closing services with e-signing so borrowers can complete their paperwork without visiting a branch.

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  • Close with e-signature

    Give your customers a complete and secure remote mortgage experience they can begin and complete from the comfort of their homes. E-closing is preferred as it is convenient and straightforward to use and prevents needless face-to-face interaction.

  • Improve customer experience to propel next-level growth

    Delight your digital customers by allowing them to take mortgage loans remotely and give them a unique digital experience.

  • Cross-sell optional products

    Let borrowers purchase additional financial products utilising data they gave during the application process.

  • Digitize safely and securely

    Deploy a solution for banks that guarantees the highest security and compliance standards. Handle your home lending processes in a way that customers can trust.

  • Analyze customer feedback

    Gather and analyse customer feedback to improve the quality of the offer and the customer service itself. Use customisable polls, then, once complete, measure NPS and act immediately.

  • Set standard for the industry

    Set the market standard for remote home lending sales, and create new opportunities based on digital trust and the unique convenience of human-supported digital solutions.

Fully remote end-to-end process with LiveBank

Dive into effortless mortgage journeys

Witness the transformation of the mortgage process into a fully remote, end-to-end solution powered by LiveBank. Explore the seamless integration of technology that simplifies every step of the mortgage journey, offering clients a convenient and efficient experience from start to finish. LiveBank for mortgage is confirmed by successful implementation at ING Bank, where clients are already benefiting from our easy-to-deploy cloud-based platform designed with banking standards in mind.

  • Optimized mortgage origination

  • Dispersed teams empowered

  • Secure and compliant platform

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