Personal banking

conversational banking

  • Meeting clients’ needs

    51% of clients are not satisfied with the current form of communication with their banks

  • Convenience

    80% of people prefer online banking over visiting a physical branch

  • Client retention

    89% of clients are loyal to banks that implement an omnichannel strategy

How to effectively deal with complex client issues online?

Many simple questions can be answered with quick canned responses, and standard information can be conveyed by sharing predefined files. However, in the case of more complex matters or when making major financial decisions, clients expect face-to-face support. The routing function that transfers the case to a specialized agent ensures high-quality assistance. Audio and video calls make a client feel as if they are being served in a branch office. Collaboration tools facilitate communication and help get things done faster and more efficiently.

How to boost online conversion rates?

It is crucial to ensure easy access to banking services through customers’ favourite communication channels, allowing them to interact with the bank at their convenience. Make sure clients are not discouraged by a long and complicated remote onboarding. Provide simple ID verification and authentication in a well-designed eKYC procedure. Model frictionless end-to-end processes by blending self-service and human support when needed. Empower your agents with remote collaboration tools that help present products and offers in a visualised and understandable way. LiveBank provides the possibility to flag clients with the highest sales potential, and outbound interactions promote a proactive approach to sales.

How to cut the cost of retail customer support?

Leverage LiveBank to reduce remote customer support costs by optimising your resources and processes. Time is money, so focus on shortening the average handle time. Divide your agents into skill groups and use routing to swiftly direct cases to specialized agents, including physical branches employees who can engage in remote customer support with no concern for security. Multi chat enables agents to conduct conversations with several clients simultaneously. LiveBank collaboration tools, predefined links and files, canned responses and quick access to information such as case status and conversation history facilitate communication with clients. The automated eKYC process relieves agents from repetitive tasks and allows them to concentrate on client issues and needs.

Our clients say it best

Conversation history and notifications about incoming messages are only some of the many solutions implemented as part of the project, carried out in cooperation with Ailleron. Very positive feedback from our customers shows us that we have taken the right path, which in turn poses additional challenges for us in terms of further product development.

Jarosław Ścigała

Manager of the Contact Center Development Department at mBank

An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes. An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes.

Aleksandra Buczkowska

Contact Center Director at mBank

As we have demonstrated in the past with our digital innovations, which has included the digital e-Kiosk, and the CommBank SmartWealth app – our awardwinning wealth management mobile application, Bank Commonwealth is committed to realising its digital transformation journey with CommBank Mobile. By partnering with LiveBank we have been able to make CommBank Mobile the next evolution of that journey, and the technology will ensure Bank Commonwealth continues moving towards our purpose: Building a brighter future for all.

Ming Chen

Director of Digital & Strategy at PT. Bank Commonwealth