Empower Your Leasing Experience with Omnichannel Leasing Solution

Simplify and streamline your leasing processes with LeaseTech Virtual Branch by embracing digital customer service, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric approach that sets your business apart in the leasing industry.

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Understanding the Challenges in Leasing

Understanding the Challenges in Leasing

Pain Point: Lengthy Application and Approval Process Leasing processes often involve complex paperwork and time-consuming approvals, delaying access to assets for lessees.

Pain Point: Lack of Personalized Customer Experience Clients often seek tailored solutions but are met with generic offerings, leading to dissatisfaction and reduced retention.

Pain Point: Inefficient Communication Channels Ineffective communication channels (like emails – long response time, phone calls – no specialist available, long queues, switching to different specialists) may hinder quick responses, causing delays and frustration among lessees and leasing Advisors.

Our product

    Swift Application and Approval

    LeaseTech Virtual Branch streamlines the application and approval process through digitalization, reducing paperwork and shortening approval times significantly. Through document exchange it is also helpful if it is necessary for the customer to deliver additional documents or further explanations.

    Swift Application and Approval

    Personalized Solutions

    Thanks to our solution, during the ongoing call, Leasing Advisor can adjust offer plan, to be more tailored to individual client needs, ensuring a personalized and satisfying customer experience. The updated offer can instantly be presented via Screensharing feature to the Customer. The documents can be signed while being on call.

    Personalized Solutions

    Enhanced Communication Channels

    LeaseTech Virtual Branch provides real-time communication tools via preferred channel (chat, audio or video) supporting features like screensharing & PDF collaboration, e-signing documents, authentication and authorization during the call, enabling seamless interaction between lessees, and lessors, resulting in faster query resolution and improved satisfaction.

    Enhanced Communication Channels

Extra benefits

  • Time Efficiency

    Experience a streamlined process that significantly reduces the time taken from application to asset access.

  • Client-Centric Approach

    Enjoy tailored leasing solutions that precisely match your customers’ preferences, fostering stronger client relationships and loyalty.

  • Improved Support

    Access real-time assistance, fostering better communication and quick issue resolution, enhancing the overall leasing experience.

Our product’s unique features

  • Integration with Internet webpages and Mobile Apps

    Seamless integration with internet and mobile platforms, providing easy access for high-value clients to their dedicated Advisors in their preferred channels (chat, audio or video), crafting a seamless, integrated experience.

  • AI Assistant

    Assisting Relationship Managers in personalized and effective communication between clients and their accountants using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

  • LeaseTech Virtual Branch Mobile App

    Revolutionizing the way financial Advisors operate, enabling remote communication with client portfolios. The app ensures swift client support, allowing Advisors to be available anytime, anywhere.

  • Security & Compliance

    LeaseTech Virtual Branch assures secure and compliant operations, offering encrypted communication, secure API, adherence to regulatory requirements, GDPR compliance, and logical business separation, making it ideal for secure client communications.

Customer service

Within the intricate realm of existing leasing customers, crafting unique, personalized experiences for high-value clients holds immense importance. LeaseTech Virtual Branch emerges as a pivotal asset for leasing leaders steering client relations and delivering tailored services. It adeptly bridges the gap between traditional customer face to face interactions and digital convenience, addressing the nuanced needs of both Advisors and their discerning clientele.

Key Benefits

  • Authentication / Single Sign-On feature

    Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines access by enabling users to authenticate only once and gain entry to the area for existing users without repeated logins. This feature enhances security by centralizing user authentication, reducing the risk of password-related vulnerabilities. SSO significantly improves user experience, eliminating the need for multiple credentials and simplifying access across various platforms and applications on one hand, and allowing for having access to all the conversation history between the user and Advisor on the other.

  • Multiplatform availability

    Our multi-platform system ensures seamless communication across all devices – whether it’s iOS, Android, or web browsers. This means your entire conversation history is accessible from any device, granting you fluidity in usage across platforms. Regardless of your preferred device, you have unrestricted access to conversation records, enabling you to smoothly continue business operations anytime, anywhere.

  • Immediate connection to a dedicated Advisor

    Chat facilitates real-time communication, enabling instantaneous interaction between users. This feature ensures immediate responses, fostering efficient and direct conversations without delays. It enhances collaboration by allowing individuals to engage in live discussions, promoting swift decision-making and problem-solving. In case of an Advisor’s unavailability, the system supports “out of office” messages and allows for asynchronous chat communication.

  • Collaboration tools

    LeaseTech Virtual Branch facilitates collaboration tools like screensharing and co-browsing by allowing users to share their screens, enabling visual presentations or troubleshooting in real-time. Screensharing enhances collaboration by displaying content simultaneously, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Selling products to new customers

In the dynamic landscape of leasing, curating tailor-made experiences for demanding new clients holds immense significance. LeaseTech Virtual Branch stands as an invaluable ally for executives at leasing companies navigating the realm of client relations. It seamlessly bridges the gap between conventional face-to-face meetings and customer onboarding and digital convenience, bringing leasing products and services to your hands at any time of the day.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized Client Relationships in a Digital Setting

    LeaseTech Virtual Branch cultivates personalized connections within the digital realm, ensuring affluent clients experience an unwavering individual approach. This enhances trust and comprehension through digital channels while maintaining a personal touch.

  • Scheduled meetings

    Scheduled meetings ensure organized and structured collaboration by allocating specific times for discussions, fostering punctuality and efficiency. They provide a framework for adequate preparation, encouraging focused discussions and fruitful results.

  • Easy and friendly customer authentication methods

    The identity verification process offers unparalleled convenience by enabling swift and digital verification, eliminating the need for physical document submission. It enhances security measures through advanced authentication methods, ensuring robust protection of sensitive information. Additionally, the process significantly reduces administrative burdens and operational costs for businesses while providing a seamless customer experience.

  • Electronic signing of documents

    E-signature streamlines workflows by enabling swift and secure signing processes, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. This digital method enhances accessibility, allowing signing from any location or device, ensuring convenience and flexibility. E-signatures also bolster security with encryption measures, safeguarding the integrity of important documents throughout the signing process.

Dealer sales support

Seamless customer support is facilitated through digital channels, optimizing the experience for a client seeking clarification on a dealership-offered lease. Leveraging an email-linked connection, the client engages with the Advisor, ensuring a direct line of communication for query resolution. Authentication measures are employed to verify the caller’s identity, enhancing security protocols during the interaction. The Advisor adeptly addresses the customer’s concerns about the emailed offer, offering clear explanations and guidance. This comprehensive interaction is documented within the CRM system, enriching the dealership’s access to pertinent details for future reference and fostering a streamlined process for continued support and relationship management.

Key Benefits

  • Authentication mechanisms (integration with existing systems / EKYC for authentication)

    Authentication and Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) play pivotal roles in verifying and validating user identities within our platform. Utilizing authentication methods like biometrics, passwords, or SSO, these processes ensure secure access to sensitive information. The eKYC further streamlines identity verification by leveraging digital technologies, offering efficient and reliable methods for confirming user identities in various online services and transactions.

  • Collaboration tools (i.e., PDF share)

    The collaboration tools, with PDF sharing, facilitate seamless collaboration by allowing users to share PDF files and present specific areas or entire pages to collaborators. This tool enhances communication and understanding by enabling graphical annotations on the shared document, fostering real-time interaction and feedback. Its features not only streamline document sharing but also provide a dynamic platform for collaborative discussions and visual feedback on the content presented.

  • Vast integration possibilities (incl. CRM systems, documents repository)

    Our system has a strong integration capability and effortlessly connects with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and external file repositories, ensuring efficient data flow and accessibility. This integration enhances user experience by allowing smooth interaction between the system and CRM platforms, streamlining customer data management. Additionally, the system’s compatibility with external file repositories enables easy storage, retrieval, and sharing of dedicated files, promoting a cohesive and interconnected workflow.

  • Case based communication

    Placing the customer’s case at the center of communication with full access to the history and context of the conversation enables case management and process modeling. Case based communication allows for efficient management and organization of advisors’ work. Knowing which cases are more crucial, advisors can prioritize specific cases and address the most important ones first. The system also allows for notetaking and tagging of each case, facilitating the search for archival cases. It also makes the task easier for clients who can initially determine which case they are contacting and thus provide the advisor with the appropriate context.

Remote support of high value transactions

A previously planned online meeting serves as a platform for in-depth discussions regarding a significant financial transaction. Through a dynamic exchange, the specialist effectively presents detailed information while engaging in a file-sharing process, facilitating a thorough examination of pertinent data. This interaction culminates in a preliminary agreement on terms, setting the stage for further deliberations in subsequent meetings. Overall, this meticulous and collaborative approach optimizes understanding and paves the way for a structured progression in the transactional process. As a follow-up either another scheduled meeting can be planned, or outbound communication can be performed.

Key Benefits

  • Multiconference conversation capabilities

    Our communication platform supports customers to advisors’ assignment, thus enhancing personalized interactions, fostering stronger relationships and a deeper understanding of individual needs. This streamlined approach improves workflow efficiency, enabling advisors to prioritize and manage their assigned portfolios with focused attention. This system also promotes accountability, as advisors take ownership of their customer base, ultimately leading to improved service delivery and client satisfaction.

  • Bi-directional screen sharing

    The platform supports bi-directional screen sharing, a feature that enables users to share their screens bidirectionally, enhancing collaboration and information exchange. This feature allows participants, during the communication session, to view each other’s screens, fostering real-time engagement and mutual understanding. It is particularly valuable for presentations, and troubleshooting scenarios, facilitating efficient communication through shared visual content.

  • Secure bi-directional file exchange and files repository

    Our system bolsters bi-directional file exchange that empowers users to effortlessly share and receive files in a bidirectional manner, promoting smooth document exchange. It also gives the choice of whether to allow for any file exchange or those previously whitelisted. It also applies for file extensions, giving the choice of what file extensions will be accepted and which will not. Furthermore, seamless integration with a file repository enhances accessibility and organization, providing users with a centralized hub for efficiently managing and retrieving shared files within the communication platform.

  • Scheduled meetings module and continuation of the case

    Our optichannel platform with a Scheduled Meetings module allows users to plan and organize meetings in advance, promoting efficient time management and appropriate coordination. By combining the Scheduled Meetings module with case continuation (case-based communication), the platform facilitates a comprehensive and organized approach to communication, streamlining both planned interactions and ongoing collaborative efforts.