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mBank's Expert Online


Implementation at mBank is an example of the so-called „Big Bang” approach, meaning that the client chooses to address the service:
To all its customers, using the new transaction platform, in a full range of its offer. In particular, the bank has launched a call center in support of the LiveBank, available 24/7. Customers without assigned account managers communicate with the available consultants, called Online Experts by the bank. Customers using mBank’s services can connect to their assigned individual experts. System is now integrated with the bank’s mobile application, enabling customers to use the Ekspert Online service on their iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, the communication module has been enhanced with a “continuous” chat function, known from popular communicators, such as Facebook Messenger. This allows both the customers and the bank to store the entire conversation history in chat, along with uploaded materials and links, giving the customer the feeling of a “continuous connection” with the Expert and the ability to send questions even when the Expert is not available. Read more on our blog and download the entire mBank Case Study by clicking’ Download’ on the left, under the bank’s logo.

Citibank has selected LiveBank to implement innovative virtual branches in 16 countries of APAC and EMEA regions. As a key figure in global banking, Citi has decided to introduce Virtual Remote Engagement (VRE) in Hong Kong to make its wealth management customers’ banking experience even better. An implementation accured likewise in Singapore – VRE has been launched on Citibank Online with mobile banking possibility. Furthermore, soon it is going to be rolled out in other venues in Asia. Moreover, soon it will be taken off in different settings in Asia.
So-called Citi Live Chat in Hong Kong is video, audio and text omnichannel platform which enables visiting bank branch whenever needed, providing with direct interaction and capability of realization almost every banking process online. There is a possibility of connecting with relationship manager remotely in order to review portfolio, supported by screen sharing, upload documents, files or links. By this kind of interaction, real human engagement is being preserved. Digital banking allows to authenticate a customer, using biometric facial recognition which makes virtual banking experience totally safe. Read more on our blog here and here.

CITI Bank - virtual branches in 16 countries

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Online Advisor in ENBD


Aligned with Emirates NBD’s digital strategy, Ailleron’s goal was to deploy  the LiveBank system including the communication, collaboration, customization and other selected functionalities. FaceBanking is the first UAE service that offers Emirates NBD’s customers instant video, audio and live chat with advisors via the revamped Online Banking platform as well as the Mobile Banking app. Read more on our blog here and here. You can also download the entire ENBD Case Study by clicking’ Download’ on the left, under the bank’s logo.

In order to activate new banking access channels, the virtual bank branch was launched under the name of Online Advisor via both web browser and the bank’s official mobile app, making it possible for the client to contact the bank through secure channels such as video, audio and chat. This way, a multitude of features, including user verification and advanced collaboration capabilities, are available on desktop as well as mobile devices. In accordance with GDPR, all sessions in all devices are recorded, encrypted and available for searching and viewing.  Read more on our blog.

Online Advisor in Santander Bank

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Standard Chartered with LiveBank

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Launching LiveBank for Standard Chartered customers in more countries is the result of increasing interest in virtual branches, which allow banks to deliver high quality services in a modern and customer-driven format. This is another implementation of the virtual banking system developed by Ailleron Fintech, which already serves clients in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
After LiveBank solution implementation Standard Chartered customers receive a variety of facilities, including access to virtually the full bank offer, the ability to contact an advisor at a convenient time. They can also send signed documents online or finalize most banking operations remotely. The bank furnishes the client with full financial transaction services –  from the beginning of such an exchange, through approval, to its end all using high-quality secure video, audio or chat. Read more on our blog.

Piraeus Bank is a Greek bank which owns 30% of the market in the country. The result of our cooperation with Piraeus Bank is the launch of VTS (Video Teller System) self-service kiosks, which allow for, among others, video contact with advisors, uploading documents, and payment and cash withdrawal. So far, three nationally innovative pilot bank branches have been launched in the Attica region – the first of them has been in service in Athens since December 7, 2016, and is currently able to replace the classic bank branch at least 90% of the time. Read more on our blog.

Virtual branch by LiveBank in Piraeus Bank

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Commerzbank branches in Videochat

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Thanks to LiveBank, Comerzbank Customers are able to contact their advisor via textchat, audiostream or video camera 24h 7 days a week.  During conversation with the advisor, customers can smoothly purchase products, submit applications or change limits via all these three channels. For example, they can change their credit card limit and deal with many more cases. For the purpose of authentication, the advisor sends a TAN to the customer’s mobile phone. This is particularly convenient in videochat: If things get complicated, the advisor can also guide his customer through complex pdf documents with the aid of screen pointers. This is another step in digitizing the bank and in improving the experience of Commerzbank customers. Read more on our blog.

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