Banking transformation under the highest security standards

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    Ensure full security

    LiveBank meets stringent banking security standards and ensures adherence to the law thanks to encrypted connections, integrated antivirus software, safe database architecture, and state-of-the-art technologies for secure biometric authentication.

    Ensure full security

    Reduce digitalisation costs

    LiveBank helps banks adapt to the current technological trends and optimise costs. The SaaS subscription pricing model means low entry costs, while cloud-based service eliminates the costs of IT infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. It is an enterprise-class solution that meets banking security standards.

    Reduce digitalisation costs

    Use a strong tech stack

    LiveBank benefits from dozens of highly advanced components from the latest technology stack. Adaptive streaming technology which adjusts the audio and video quality to a client’s bandwidth ensures a stable connection and a more satisfying interaction. Asynchronous chat and the function of restoring a broken connection allow maintaining the continuity of communication.

    Use a strong tech stack

Solve your problems with LiveBank

How to manage IT infrastructure and optimise costs?

Reduce infrastructure and the need for large teams when implementing new value-adding features and capabilities.

  • Cloud

    Use the cloud-based service to eliminate the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure.

  • One-point integration

    Benefit from one-point integration with various backend banking systems and mitigate complex dependencies.

  • Work optimisation

    Relive human resources of tasks such as upgrades, configurations, or installation of security features to let them focus on managing the technology.

  • Flexibility of solutions

    Quick and easy integrations and installation of new features allow for implementing and testing new solutions with minimum investment .

How to flexibly adapt IT solutions to business objectives?

Make technology a competitive advantage and unlock new revenue models and services tied to business priorities.

  • Scaling

    Scale the system up or down by adjusting the number of licenses and adding or deactivating communication channels on demand.

  • Communication channels

    Implement customer support channels that perfectly match your business cases and enable modelling of banking processes.

  • One-point integration

    One-point integrations and quick configurations allow for flexible testing of new solutions and ensure short time-to-market.

  • Development tools

    Apply a solution that offers easy SDK integration and meets internal and legal security requirements.

How to avoid system fragmentation and integrate new components in compliance with banking security standards?

Consolidate the system through the centralised deployment of interconnected software components.

  • SaaS

    Implement a flexible modular SaaS solution that meets banking-class security standards.

  • Cloud

    Ensure secure data storage and processing in a private or public cloud.

  • Tech-stack

    Benefit from an advanced tech stack, security features, and regular updates.

  • Security

    Reduce the risk of data leakage or interception by separating sensitive data and introducing appropriate security measures, such as programmes analysing traffic and reacting to potential attacks.

  • Direction of change

    60% of banks plan on increasing investment in cloud solutions

  • Security

    0 security incidents in LiveBank infrastructure in the last 8 years

  • Savings

    10% of IT budgets are spent on security development – reduce this cost with LiveBank

See what success with LiveBank looks like

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  • Citibank has selected LiveBank – implementing innovative virtual branches in 16 countries of APAC and EMEA regions

    Citibank has signed an agreement to implement Polish LiveBank technology, which will enable bank’s customers in 16 countries to benefit from virtual banking without leaving home. This is the first implementation of a virtual banking system on such a large scale in the world.

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  • LiveBank revolutionizing Chinese Standard Chartered branches

    Standard Chartered Bank, which has more than 1,200 branches in over 70 countries, has launched the LiveBank virtual banking system developed by the Cracovian company Ailleron in their Chinese branches. The bank had already implemented this pilot solution in Malaysia and Singapore, and the rapid adoption of LiveBank by users in the region opened the […]

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  • LiveBank takes Greek bank into a new era of customer service

    LiveBank will allow the largest Greek bank to create an e-branch service [1] – an innovative form of customer service that uses virtual advisors. This is yet another leader of a local banking sector which has decided to meet the needs of its customers by deciding to cooperate with the Cracovian company. Piraeus Bank is […]

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Our clients say it best

Conversation history and notifications about incoming messages are only some of the many solutions implemented as part of the project, carried out in cooperation with Ailleron. Very positive feedback from our customers shows us that we have taken the right path, which in turn poses additional challenges for us in terms of further product development.

Jarosław Ścigała

Manager of the Contact Center Development Department at mBank

An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes. An omnichannel platform for instant and secure communication over chat, video, audio and social media, optimizing remote advisory processes.

Aleksandra Buczkowska

Contact Center Director at mBank

As we have demonstrated in the past with our digital innovations, which has included the digital e-Kiosk, and the CommBank SmartWealth app – our awardwinning wealth management mobile application, Bank Commonwealth is committed to realising its digital transformation journey with CommBank Mobile. By partnering with LiveBank we have been able to make CommBank Mobile the next evolution of that journey, and the technology will ensure Bank Commonwealth continues moving towards our purpose: Building a brighter future for all.

Ming Chen

Director of Digital & Strategy at PT. Bank Commonwealth

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Embrace Security with Our Cloud Banking Solution

We use the best IT technology for the banking sector, including cloud. As a result, when opting for a digital transformation with us, you can be sure that all your data is as secure as possible. Why LiveBank?


Firstly, we have seen zero security incidents in the past eight years in LiveBank. This is perfect proof that we use the best IT technology for banking.


Secondly, by integrating your data into our platform, you don’t have to worry about the implementation of security measures for your other banking products – the data is stored in our cloud. This means that you can reduce the overall costs of developing your cybersecurity, knowing that we will be protecting your data effectively.

Easy Integration to Help You Cut Costs

What distinguishes our IT products for banking is that they can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure. Due to the one-point integration, the process is extremely easy and gives you excessive flexibility – you may test new solutions emerging from the fintech world with ease. Make IT your strong side, and adopt our tech solutions!

Looking for Cloud Banking Technology? Pick LiveBank

Cloud technology is becoming increasingly popular in fintech, and we understand that. Our LiveBank has been operating using it from the start. This gave us the opportunity to polish our tech, including encryption and data transfer methods, ensuring that our cloud solutions are both efficient and secure.


By selecting LiveBank, you opt for quality, experience, regular updates, and scalability. Our IT technology for banking will help you embrace Industry 4.0 and gain an edge over your competitors. So, do not hesitate – contact us and learn more about our banking solutions!