The Future of Wealth Management: Emerging Technologies and Trends

What are the emerging trends and the future of wealth management? Firstly, a new generation of investors is approaching, which means that you need to tailor your services to the characteristics of the younger people. Secondly, sustainable investments will become more important for consumers. Thirdly, we can already see that customers want easy, simple communication via chat apps instead of meeting their advisors in person. Finally, AI is bound to be used to analyze market trends, make predictions and hence find new investment opportunities. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

Future of wealth management

Wealth Management: 4 Future Trends

Numerous new trends are expected in the future of wealth management. Some of them are rooted in new technologies, while others are based on the differences between new generations and the current socio-economic landscape. But do not worry – we have prepared an overview of the changes that we expect. Just take a look below.

The New Generation of Investors

The first trend in the future of wealth management could actually be called a set of trends, as it’s related to the new generation of investors entering the market.

Generation Z, brought up entirely in the digital age, approaches investing and their relationship with their advisor is completely different from the older generations. Hence, they bring a revolution to wealth management.

For example, Gen Z will likely search for banks that utilize digital solutions for communication and portfolio management as they wish to embrace the possibilities of new technologies. They also want more control over their finances and will strive for personalized treatment rather than being approached as part of the “wealthy” segment. 

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Sustainable Investments

The ESG regulates sustainability in financial investments, but the EU is not the only party interested in eco-friendliness – consumers also prioritize this. With the growing environmental awareness, we expect that the role of sustainable investments will become substantial, with your customers preferring eco-friendly options over their less-sustainable alternatives.

How to deal with this trend? By implementing AI in banking. You can implement an artificial intelligence model that will track and label transactions based on their sustainability features. As a result, it will be easier for you to provide your customers with eco-friendly investment opportunities, and you will easily be able to adjust the options to balance environmental-friendliness with financial profitability.

Easy, Simple, Remote Communication

Consumers no longer want to contact their wealth managers via traditional channels. Nowadays, they strive for simplicity, which is achieved with mobile apps.

While this is an important element of customer expectations that you need to manage, at the same time, you cannot give your wealth managers full freedom over where and when they contact the clients – you won’t know what is happening if you do so. Thus, the best solution for this trend is to introduce an app like LiveBank.

How does it work? In our LiveBank wealth management app, your managers can contact the customers via a message system, which you can overview if the need arises. What is more, our app is a part of a larger solution that comes with other features, such as:

  • Intelligent portfolio management.
  • AI-enhanced product recommendations.
  • AI assistant to make RMs work faster and easier.
  • Encrypted communication and secure API (SSO, AD).
  • Easy integration with internet and mobile banking.

Contact us if you want to learn more and approach this trend with our solution!

AI for Market Analysis

Finally, we expect AI to be used for analyzing the market and finding new, emerging opportunities. With machine learning and artificial intelligence’s data processing capabilities, you can go beyond the information acquired from MIS and use algorithms to describe the current market state, but also extract predictive insights, hence enabling you to:

  • make more informed choices,
  • offer more effective investment opportunities to your customers,
  • improve the client outcomes,
  • build customer loyalty.


The future trends in wealth management will change this area of banking, and so should your organization. Implement new technologies, change your processes, and get ready to face new challenges and trade on new opportunities. The best way to do this is to invest in LiveBank, our cutting-edge banking platform!

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