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Case-based management – how does it help bank teams?

Every day, thousands of customers contact bank advisors with questions about products they have or they want to hear about the latest bank offers and digital trends. These customers want to settle their cases in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, their expectations regarding the quality and speed of service are rising consistently every year.

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How LiveBank supports cloud banking transformation?

The rapid increase in interactions in digital media was an enormous challenge for the Banks, both in terms of organization and technical resources. The procedures for acquiring new technological solutions have also changed. The availability of the LiveBank cloud solution is a natural response to the changing and more demanding market environment.

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LiveBank Amplified with Conversational AI

Ailleron’s LiveBank has redefined contemporary banking by providing the financial sector with the premier communication hub, combining cutting-edge innovations with practical, reliable tools that deliver rewarding customer experiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking strategies.

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Future Banking Trends To Keep An Eye On

As innovations in technology spread throughout the world, banks embarked on paths of rapid change which have gathered pace and will continue into 2020 and beyond. Disruptive technologies, including AI, machine learning, and robotics process automation are going to determine future successes and provide a wide range of opportunities.

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