Boost Bank Agent Efficiency with AI Tools

The buzz around AI is starting to slow down, and we're seeing fewer sensational headlines about it. Instead, we're noticing that information about investments in AI development has become a routine part of business operations. The adoption of AI solutions in financial sectors varies with intensity. Certain implementations and uses of AI (e.g. database management, transaction analysis) are not visible to the average Financial Advisor. Let's examine how AI tools we implemented as LiveBank to our customers impact efficiency and level the playing field between new and experienced employees. Efficiency is a crucial measure that we use to evaluate our employees.

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boost advisors efficiency
The Importance of Data Security in Wealth Management Software

What is the role of data security in wealth management? It’s extremely important. Plenty of cybercriminals are targeting financial institutions right now, and wealthy individuals are a promising target. Such customers are also extremely important and more difficult to acquire; hence, you need to build trust, which can be easily broken by insufficient security.

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Leveraging Cloud Technology for Secure and Scalable Wealth Management Solutions

Cloud technology for wealth management comes with a plethora of benefits. It’s scalable, so the number of your customers does not limit you; it’s more secure since cloud systems are protected by the best cybersecurity software available – one that would be too expensive in-house; it’s cost-effective – you don’t need to invest in servers and upgrade your equipment as the system grows; finally, it’s agile and reliable – you can access it on any type of machine. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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Digital security in online banking
Digital Security and Trust: Building Confidence in Online Banking Services

Digital security in online banking is critical. Not only is it responsible for keeping customers’ money and personal information safe, but also for building trust and confidence in your services. The main ways to ensure it involve data encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems, automatic log-outs, or even limits to online spending – many of these are visible to the clients themselves. However, banks still need to combat threats, such as phishing, sniffing, advanced persistent attacks, or even targeting the supply chain. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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