Boost Bank Agent Efficiency with AI Tools

The buzz around AI is starting to slow down, and we're seeing fewer sensational headlines about it. Instead, we're noticing that information about investments in AI development has become a routine part of business operations. The adoption of AI solutions in financial sectors varies with intensity. Certain implementations and uses of AI (e.g. database management, transaction analysis) are not visible to the average Financial Advisor. Let's examine how AI tools we implemented as LiveBank to our customers impact efficiency and level the playing field between new and experienced employees. Efficiency is a crucial measure that we use to evaluate our employees.

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boost advisors efficiency
mobile app
The Future of Mobile Banking Apps: Trends and Innovations

What is the future of banking apps? We expect a rise in security measures, combined with an even higher level of personalization, enhanced customer experience, and an integration of a plethora of financial features, enabling users to conduct their banking fully through mobile apps. Naturally, for that to happen, banks need to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning for their apps, which the leading ones already do. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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Line of business LiveBank Ailleron
Building an Effective Business Structure: Line of Business in Complex Organizations

One of the challenges that organizations worldwide face is a very dynamic growth and complexity. It's a recurring rule that we can observe in business processes and products - as they grow, operational and structural complexity increases, sometimes even multiplies. These business structures can operate in various industries, and geographic areas, and offer different products or services.

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cloud banking benefits
Why Banks Need a Cloud-based Customer Service System

Cloud-based software offers a technical stack as well as the opportunity to engage customers at a new level. The borders between traditional retail banking and fintech companies no longer exist in today's financial landscape. Customers now have more digital habits than they did five or even two years ago. Customers want a consistent experience across digital platforms and touchpoints. They want the major functions to be right in front of their eyes.

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Case-based management – how does it help bank teams?

Every day, thousands of customers contact bank advisors with questions about products they have or they want to hear about the latest bank offers and digital trends. These customers want to settle their cases in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, their expectations regarding the quality and speed of service are rising consistently every year.

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Will the True Omni-Channel Please Reveal Itself?

Will omnichannel banking deliver on its promise anytime soon? This article examines the question and finds a new understanding of the omnichannel concept.

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importance of omnichannel in retail banking
Why Omnichannel stays stubbornly on banking’s radar

Written by Piotr Skrabski, General Manager and Mateusz Grys, Customer Success Expert at LiveBank. Omnichannel. A word we’ve heard repeatedly in banking circles that still has a lot of clout. Its place, at the crossroads of “mobile-first”, “digitalisation”, and “customer-centricity”, makes it easy to see why it still has relevance. Besides this, “omnichannel banking” holds […]

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