Omnichannel Evolution: A Deep Dive into Banking Sector Trends

What are the omnichannel trends in the banking sector? This particular approach is constantly evolving, with more intelligent technology being introduced to provide clients with a consistent experience across all channels, with the digital ones, like mobile devices and the internet, attracting the most attention. If you wish to learn more, read this article – we shall discuss the main omnichannel trends here.

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Omnichannel banking trends
How to Leverage Customer Feedback for Continuous Improvement in Digital Banking

How to leverage customer feedback in digital banking? Firstly, you need to find ways to collect it, and then learn through it and combine the knowledge gained this way with the data gathered in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. In this article, we shall explore this topic further – we invite you to read on.

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diffrent generations in banking
Adapting Customer Service Strategies for Different Generations in Digital Banking

Tailoring customer service strategy in banking to the needs of different generations is crucial. After all, there are major differences between them. Take the attention span, for example. In 2000 the average for adults was 12 seconds, while in 2021, it was only 8 seconds[1], proving that the older generations have a longer attention span than the younger ones. Their priorities also differ: Gen Z and Millenials strive for faster payments and transfers, Gen X for customized product recommendations, and Boomers prioritize security[2].  So, how to tailor your customer service strategy in digital banking to the needs of each generation? Find it out in this article!

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Impact of mobile apps in digital banking
The Impact of Mobile Apps on Customer Service in Digital Banking

Mobile banking apps have truly revolutionized digital banking. They turned strenuous procedures into convenience, enabling clients to send a money transfer, set up a deposit, or even take out a loan with just a few clicks. When it comes to customer service, mobile banking apps brought even more changes. People no longer want (or have to) visit physical branches or wait in long phone queues to contact the bank. Instead, most queries can be resolved effortlessly through mobile apps and chats within them. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

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Omnichannel support in digital banking
The Power of Omnichannel Support in Digital Banking

Embracing omnichannel support in digital banking isn’t only a way to build seamless customer journeys across different channels – it can also help you reduce operating costs and maximize productivity in your branches. But, for that, you need one thing: a platform that integrates data from all the channels into one place, and enables your employees to switch between digital and traditional communication with the clients swiftly – a platform like Livebank.

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AI banking assistant
The Rise of Virtual Assistants: AI’s Impact on Banking Customer Care

An AI virtual assistant is an option chosen in banks more frequently. It is so, due to the fact that using generative AI in customer support helps banks reduce their operational costs, improve response times, and personalize customer experiences. Let’s look into this in more detail.

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Optichannel approach in banking
Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The Optichannel Approach in Banking

The optichannel approach in banking refers to choosing the most optimal channel (hence the name) for the particular client. It gained utmost importance with new generations entering the financial world. Take, for instance, the survey conducted by Insider Intelligence [1], showcasing that mobile banking is most commonly utilized by Millennials and Gen Z while less used by Baby Boomers or Gen X. In this article, we shall delve into the role of optichannel banking – we invite you to read on!

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