Omnichannel Evolution: A Deep Dive into Banking Sector Trends

What are the omnichannel trends in the banking sector? This particular approach is constantly evolving, with more intelligent technology being introduced to provide clients with a consistent experience across all channels, with the digital ones, like mobile devices and the internet, attracting the most attention. If you wish to learn more, read this article – we shall discuss the main omnichannel trends here.

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Omnichannel banking trends
How to Leverage Customer Feedback for Continuous Improvement in Digital Banking

How to leverage customer feedback in digital banking? Firstly, you need to find ways to collect it, and then learn through it and combine the knowledge gained this way with the data gathered in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. In this article, we shall explore this topic further – we invite you to read on.

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AI in banking
Optimizing Financial Operations: AI Applications in Banking Processes

What are the applications of AI in banking? For example, artificial intelligence may be used to adapt the UI based on users' habits, to automate customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants or to categorize transactions and segment customers based on these labels. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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AI banking assistant
The Rise of Virtual Assistants: AI’s Impact on Banking Customer Care

An AI virtual assistant is an option chosen in banks more frequently. It is so, due to the fact that using generative AI in customer support helps banks reduce their operational costs, improve response times, and personalize customer experiences. Let’s look into this in more detail.

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ING and LiveBank cooperation
LiveBank Cloud took just 4 weeks to implement!

ING customers can now take advantage of remote service thanks to the cooperation of ING Bank Śląski with LiveBank Cloud. It is a very fruitful cooperation, we have the pleasure not only to implement the product, but also to conduct post-implementation workshops with the bank's employees. Read about the details below.

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Asynchronous customer service
Asynchronous Communication: The Key to Servicing Modern Customers

Mobile phones have become the norm, and individuals are accustomed to conversing with others using social messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. As a result, asynchronous communication is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, this comes at the expense of other ways of communication, such as regular phone conversations and emails. Are we, therefore, on the brink of a revolution in social communication, in which we no longer require the other person to make time for us to speak with them?

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human vs ai in customer support
Human Support vs. AI Bots in Customer Service

The number of AI-driven solutions helping organisations improve customer communications grows every year. Sending specific queries to a bot helps customer service centres increase their efficiency. In addition, customer behaviour and expectations are changing regarding customer service.

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