Boost Bank Agent Efficiency with AI Tools

The buzz around AI is starting to slow down, and we're seeing fewer sensational headlines about it. Instead, we're noticing that information about investments in AI development has become a routine part of business operations. The adoption of AI solutions in financial sectors varies with intensity. Certain implementations and uses of AI (e.g. database management, transaction analysis) are not visible to the average Financial Advisor. Let's examine how AI tools we implemented as LiveBank to our customers impact efficiency and level the playing field between new and experienced employees. Efficiency is a crucial measure that we use to evaluate our employees.

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boost advisors efficiency
Future of wealth management
The Future of Wealth Management: Emerging Technologies and Trends

What are the emerging trends and the future of wealth management? Firstly, a new generation of investors is approaching, which means that you need to tailor your services to the characteristics of the younger people. Secondly, sustainable investments will become more important for consumers. Thirdly, we can already see that customers want easy, simple communication via chat apps instead of meeting their advisors in person. Finally, AI is bound to be used to analyze market trends, make predictions and hence find new investment opportunities. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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mobile app
The Future of Mobile Banking Apps: Trends and Innovations

What is the future of banking apps? We expect a rise in security measures, combined with an even higher level of personalization, enhanced customer experience, and an integration of a plethora of financial features, enabling users to conduct their banking fully through mobile apps. Naturally, for that to happen, banks need to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning for their apps, which the leading ones already do. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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Omnichannel banking trends
Omnichannel Evolution: A Deep Dive into Banking Sector Trends

What are the omnichannel trends in the banking sector? This particular approach is constantly evolving, with more intelligent technology being introduced to provide clients with a consistent experience across all channels, with the digital ones, like mobile devices and the internet, attracting the most attention. If you wish to learn more, read this article – we shall discuss the main omnichannel trends here.

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Future trends in digital banking
Future Trends in Digital Banking: What to Expect

What are the current and future trends in digital banking? Namely, a rise in the use of AI, the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for better security, open banking, and sustainability. In this article, we shall shed more light on digital banking advancements and explore what the next generation of online banking has to offer. Did we spark your interest? Then read on.

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AI in banking customer service
The Future of AI in Banking Customer Service: Trends and Innovations

AI has become a valuable ally in the world of banking. It is widely used for data analytics due to its supreme data processing capabilities. Yet, it’s not the only function of artificial intelligence in financial institutions. Customer service teams also benefit from AI, improving the speed and accuracy of their responses and enhancing customer experience. This is why, in this article, we shall look at what the future holds for artificial intelligence in banks and their customer service departments – we invite you to read on!

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LiveBank at Money2020 USA LAS VEGAS 2023
LiveBank’s Unveiling of Future-Forward Banking Insights at Money20/20 USA

Fresh from the vibrant energy of Money20/20 in Las Vegas, the LiveBank Team brings back a treasure trove of insights that illuminate the unfolding path of banking innovation. Our discussions centered around the harmonious fusion of technology (AI Baking) and human touch in banking. The days spent at Money20/20 went beyond mere trend-spotting, offering a profound exploration into the transformative synergy shaping the future of banking.

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