Boost Bank Agent Efficiency with AI Tools

The buzz around AI is starting to slow down, and we're seeing fewer sensational headlines about it. Instead, we're noticing that information about investments in AI development has become a routine part of business operations. The adoption of AI solutions in financial sectors varies with intensity. Certain implementations and uses of AI (e.g. database management, transaction analysis) are not visible to the average Financial Advisor. Let's examine how AI tools we implemented as LiveBank to our customers impact efficiency and level the playing field between new and experienced employees. Efficiency is a crucial measure that we use to evaluate our employees.

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boost advisors efficiency
keymetrics banking
Measuring Success: Key Metrics for Evaluating Customer Service in Digital Banking

What are the key metrics in customer service in digital banking? How to evaluate the quality of your CS department? For instance, you can use the ratings from customer surveys, mystery shopping scores, or customer complaints & compliments. You should also look into process data, such as response and transaction times. Finally, you can measure your CS team’s performance by inspecting the number of products per customer, customer lifetime value, customer churn, and the number of referrals per customer. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

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Line of business LiveBank Ailleron
Building an Effective Business Structure: Line of Business in Complex Organizations

One of the challenges that organizations worldwide face is a very dynamic growth and complexity. It's a recurring rule that we can observe in business processes and products - as they grow, operational and structural complexity increases, sometimes even multiplies. These business structures can operate in various industries, and geographic areas, and offer different products or services.

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cloud banking transformation
How Livebank Supports Cloud Banking Transformation?

The rapid increase in interactions in digital media was an enormous challenge for the Banks, both in terms of organization and technical resources. The procedures for acquiring new technological solutions have also changed. The availability of the LiveBank cloud solution is a natural response to the changing and more demanding market environment.

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