Omnichannel Evolution: A Deep Dive into Banking Sector Trends

What are the omnichannel trends in the banking sector? This particular approach is constantly evolving, with more intelligent technology being introduced to provide clients with a consistent experience across all channels, with the digital ones, like mobile devices and the internet, attracting the most attention. If you wish to learn more, read this article – we shall discuss the main omnichannel trends here.

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Omnichannel banking trends
wealth management
Key Features to Look for in Wealth Management Software

What are the key features that you need in your wealth management software? A robust security system, remote communication channels (including an app!), AI-powered product recommendations, and an AI assistant for your relationship managers. Why do you want to look for these particular features? Find it out!

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How to Leverage Customer Feedback for Continuous Improvement in Digital Banking

How to leverage customer feedback in digital banking? Firstly, you need to find ways to collect it, and then learn through it and combine the knowledge gained this way with the data gathered in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. In this article, we shall explore this topic further – we invite you to read on.

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diffrent generations in banking
Adapting Customer Service Strategies for Different Generations in Digital Banking

Tailoring customer service strategy in banking to the needs of different generations is crucial. After all, there are major differences between them. Take the attention span, for example. In 2000 the average for adults was 12 seconds, while in 2021, it was only 8 seconds[1], proving that the older generations have a longer attention span than the younger ones. Their priorities also differ: Gen Z and Millenials strive for faster payments and transfers, Gen X for customized product recommendations, and Boomers prioritize security[2].  So, how to tailor your customer service strategy in digital banking to the needs of each generation? Find it out in this article!

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Digital Banking Implementation Strategies
Digital Banking Implementation Strategies: Maximizing Success with Comprehensive Training

LiveBank is not just a product anymore, it is a complete service that we offer to banks. It is not only the implementation of the solution, but also the implementation of the bank's employees and teaching them step by step how LiveBank can support them in everyday processes and how to increase the bank's results using our solution.

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cloud based banking solutions
Why Banks Need a Cloud-based Customer Service System

Cloud-based software offers a technical stack as well as the opportunity to engage customers at a new level. The borders between traditional retail banking and fintech companies no longer exist in today's financial landscape. Customers now have more digital habits than they did five or even two years ago. Customers want a consistent experience across digital platforms and touchpoints. They want the major functions to be right in front of their eyes.

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case based management in digital banking
Case-based management – how does it help bank teams?

Every day, thousands of customers contact bank advisors with questions about products they have or they want to hear about the latest bank offers and digital trends. These customers want to settle their cases in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, their expectations regarding the quality and speed of service are rising consistently every year.

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