Explore some insights from FTB and Ailleron Technological Breakfast. Delve with us into the evolving landscape of Polish bank branches, discuss the role of technology, and highlight the importance of customer-centric solutions. Discover how modernization is enhancing competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency in the banking sector. Gain valuable insights into the critical aspects of banking’s transformation in the digital age.

Exploring Digital Transformation Trends in Banking

In the world of digital trends and transformation, the FTB Technological Breakfast, held on September 7, 2023, at the Bankers’ Club, brought together banking and technology experts to delve into the evolving landscape of Polish bank branches.

During the event, discussions revolved around the necessity of aligning traditional bank branches with the changing expectations of tech-savvy customers and the rapid advancement of technology. Key topics included the appearance of modern, digital bank branches in the digital era and the evolving needs of the new generation of clients.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience Through Conversational Banking

Włodzimierz Kiciński, Vice President of the Polish Bank Association, emphasized not only the importance of adapting the banking sector to the shifting expectations of modern, digitized customers but also the need to define branch efficiency models.

Maciej Jopyk, Managing Director responsible for Strategy & Consulting at Accenture Poland, highlighted global trends such as smart branches, metaverse, and the growing significance of AI in the realm of bank branches.

Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Convenience through Virtual Branch Solutions

Piotr Piątosa, the newly appointed Vice President and COO at Ailleron, discussed optimizing branch access and the need to streamline processes to provide even more convenient service to customers.

Mateusz Grys, LiveBank Product Manager at Ailleron, emphasized that the goal of digital evolution is to minimize inconveniences that customers may encounter during their visits to bank branches. Issues such as long waiting times for advice or a complex customer journey (that as we know begins even before the branch visit) require effective digital solutions.

Elevating Digital Sales in Banking with AI Empowerment

During his presentation, Mateusz Grys who brings extensive experience from both the tech and banking sectors, demonstrated how technology can support bank employees, optimize their work, and equip them with tools for sales and upselling. He outlined the services that modern bank branches should offer, enabling customers to access banking from anywhere, thereby enhancing their convenience and satisfaction. He also discussed leveraging artificial intelligence, not only for automation through chatbots but also for real-time customer data analysis to provide personalized suggestions and predict customer behaviors. Through artificial intelligence, bank employees can better understand customer needs and respond more efficiently and tailored to specific cases.

The LiveBank Product Manager’s presentation set the stage for a lively discussion, addressing the challenges and benefits of implementing modern solutions in the banking sector. Attention was drawn to the need for additional training for bank employees and some initial skepticism toward new technologies. However, when Jakub Bogusz, Executive Director of Retail Banking at ING Bank Śląski, joined the discussion, it became evident that these concerns were unfounded.

Bogusz shared ING’s experiences after implementing the LiveBank Cloud solution, illustrating how they addressed the bank employees’ apprehensions about introducing modern tools. This resulted in very high satisfaction ratings among both agents and bank customers. He explained that ING currently utilizes Ailleron’s solution for mortgage loan servicing and sales and plans to expand their collaboration into other areas.

Insights from the FTB Technological Breakfast

The FTB Technological Breakfast convened over 30 distinguished guests, and the collective discussion strongly underscored the pivotal role that technology can play in the banking sector. Modern solutions not only support bank employees but also deliver personalized services to customers where and how they need them.

By effectively implementing modern solutions, banks not only enhance their competitiveness in the market but also boost customer satisfaction while efficiently managing their operations. This represents a significant step toward the future of banking, making it more accessible, personalized, and intelligent than ever before. The insightful discussion during the FTB Technological Breakfast sheds light on these critical aspects of the banking sector’s transformation in the digital era.