Ailleron LiveBank collaboration with Santander Leasing – a milestone in digital innovation

Exciting year-end news: Ailleron LiveBank initiates collaboration with Santander Leasing SA. As an Ailleron Group we have signed a strategic agreement to implement our advanced LiveBank system in a cloud-based model. This new initiative brings a revolution in digital interactions for Santander Leasing customers.

LiveBank dla leasingów

A new era of digital customer service for Santander Leasing

The agreement enables Santander Leasing customers to access the cutting-edge LiveBank platform in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, opening up new possibilities in remote communication and customer support. With this innovative system, Santander Leasing customers can initiate chat conversations with consultants anytime, anywhere, and conveniently share documents.

Piotr Piątosa, Vice President of the Management Board and COO at Ailleron SA, emphasized that this marks the first LiveBank implementation for a leasing institution, representing a milestone for both companies. The longstanding collaboration with Santander Leasing takes on a new dimension as the client expands the scope of our services with modern LiveBank solutions. This reaffirms the high quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

LiveBank’s transformative role in the leasing world

Santander Leasing, as a longstanding leader in financing machinery and equipment, is taking a step towards digital transformation in customer service. Łukasz Byrski, General Manager of LiveBank Cloud at Ailleron SA, expressed confidence that our platform, which has been successful in the sale of mortgages and retail customer service, will prove equally effective in the leasing industry.

Support from OChK company for security and compliance

The implementation of LiveBank for Santander Leasing goes beyond modern digital interaction solutions. The Cloud Operator of the Polish National Cloud (OChK) will be involved to ensure the highest standards of security and compliance with legal requirements and industry regulations. This strategic partnership with Google and Microsoft enables OChK to offer advanced technological support, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analytics.

Commencement of implementation process – first quarter 2024

The commencement of the LiveBank Cloud implementation is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2024. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone not just for Ailleron LiveBank but also for the leasing industry as a whole. The introduction of LiveBank in a leasing institution heralds a new era of streamlined and efficient customer interactions, setting a precedent for technological advancements in the sector.

This unique deployment signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation within the leasing landscape. By integrating LiveBank Cloud, Santander Leasing is poised to deliver an unparalleled level of service to its clients, fostering enhanced communication and collaboration between customers and the leasing institution.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we take pride in the strategic collaboration forged between Ailleron LiveBank and Santander Leasing. This partnership not only showcases our technological prowess but also reflects a shared vision for the future of digital in the leasing industry.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive impact of LiveBank Cloud on Santander Leasing’s operations, fostering increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall industry advancement. Stay tuned for more updates as we usher in a new era of digital excellence in leasing services.

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