April 2020

Digital transformation for your banking services

Currently, world is undergoing a huge digital transformation caused by coronavirus pandemic.  Suddenly, the number of people using digital channels went through the roof and everyone has to adapt the work-from-home (WFH) model. Those changes affected thousands of customers in hundreds of industries, including banking services. Is your business ready for the change?

Technology at banks’ services

Recent events are difficult for many industries – but banking sector does not have to be one of them. That is because financial services can easily be delivered to customers via the internet. LiveBank is an excellent example of a safe and efficient solution that can be used to reach the target audience when branches are closed.

LiveBank is a fintech platform with built-in support for a bank’s sales and operational processes. It allows bank agents to connect with customers immediately via chat, voice call or video call – perfect for establishing human-to-human connections in at-home environment. Advanced smooth-streaming mechanism adjusts image quality to the technical conditions of the call, making it a reliable method of communication with customers.

What is more, it can be fully integrated with banking processes and systems, enabling remote work for bank agents. It is available in all major browsers and mobile environments, providing the agent with access to all the advanced features regardless of their own technological background. It also offers efficient agent support with sharing, co-browsing, presentation and graphical features, perfect for acquiring new customers and taking care of the needs of current ones.

Digital transformation done in a few days

This technology may seem like a big leap into the future. In fact, the entire transformation can be done in just a few days – with a little bit of help from our experts. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you can enjoy all the features of LiveBank shortly after our very first contact. This can help your bank to adapt to current changes regardless of the circumstances.

Do you want to know more? Contact us if you are interested in our offer. We are ready for digital transformation – and we can help you make the best out of it!

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