LiveBank Amplified with Conversational AI

Ailleron’s LiveBank has redefined contemporary banking by providing the financial sector with the premier communication hub, combining cutting-edge innovations with practical, reliable tools that deliver rewarding customer experiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking strategies.

Beyond elevating customer outreach and care through convenient accessibility, advanced security and streamlined processes, LiveBank, uniquely on the market, can guarantee: 

  • a significant boost in web form conversion
  • a comprehensive digitalization of complex processes (mortgage, loan)
  • an effective shortening of average call lengths
  • a substantial increase in first call resolution rates
  • an enhanced ability to activate and onboard new customers
  • a marked rise in overall sales efficiency
  • a strengthened market position with extended reach and attractive offer

Ailleron is proud that the LiveBank solution has been implemented in 22 countries and is making banking easier for over 300 million customers, but like any organization involved in developing solutions, improving processes and creating forward-thinking strategies, we know that as good as something is, it can always be made better. 

Unified, Coherent and Meaningful Customer Journeys

The realization of a fully functional, artificially and emotionally intelligent chatbot means that LiveBank’s capabilities in managing banking needs and handling customers can be refined to deliver heightened operational efficiency, swifter response time and unmatched customer satisfaction.   

While our chatbot is proficient at conducting a wide range of procedures and successfully fulfils numerous functions, there could arise a time when a consultant is needed.  If this happens, a seamless transition is carried out internally within the same window.  Consultants have a record of a customer’s interaction with the chatbot and are therefore up to date with the customer’s situation.  Customers do not need to repeat what was previously said and a consultant smoothly steps in where the chatbot left off.  This state-of-the-art synergy between technology and human assistance is the pinnacle of modern customer service and ensures that awkward, uncomfortable and disjointed journeys are a relic of a past age. 

Flexibility and Adaptability in Forming Your Digital Strategy

Every organization has its own values, aims and requirements, which is why Conversational AI is not a one-size-fits-all template for automation and digitalization.  Ailleron’s highly skilled and experienced team will work with you to analyse your needs, identify areas and procedures that would benefit from AI and design a customized AI plan ideally suited to your situation.   

Moreover, customers are separated into logged-in and unlogged customers, meaning that security measures will enable logged-in customers to perform secure tasks using sensitive data while receiving specific, personalized responses from the chatbot.  Users who have not logged in will be able to obtain information, make requests and begin processes, however, in line with legal obligations, will be limited in terms of providing and accessing confidential data.  As with all aspects of LiveBank-Conversational AI, clients enjoy the freedom that comes with playing an active role in devising a tailor-made virtual bank.  As a result, the workload handled by your chatbot is entirely determined by you-AI can play a supporting role in managing processes or be the centrepiece of your digital customer service operation.  Regardless of the level of responsibility your chatbot will undertake, it will provide: 

  • instantaneous, 24/7 assistance
  • meaningful engagement and personalized service
  • invaluable customer feedback (compiling data and revealing trends)
  • maximized optimization of duties and enhanced time management for staff
  • a rich variety of responses (text, images, videos and more)
  • a user-friendly admin system that is the perfect mix of creativity, practicality and efficiency
  • a competitive edge in attracting and keeping customers

Next Generation Technology: Efficiency, Speed and Convenience

Modern banking customers not only expect their banks to employ the latest technological advances, but also to utilize pioneering technology that anticipates and prepares for their future needs.  The LiveBank-Conversational AI virtual banking solution is at the forefront of exceeding customers’ expectations and effectively demonstrates how financial institutions can invest in upgrading their digital offer while cutting costs.   

Implementation is flexible, customized and fast.  Moreover, Ailleron’s team of experts stands ready to support your teams through workshops (on-site and remote) until they are familiarized with our solution. 

With AI-augmented LiveBank, banking has never been easier, faster and safer.