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Banking the Future: how to get the tech-savvy millennials?


The attention span of the typical millennial is only 8 seconds — one second less than that of a goldfish. But as negative as that sounds, it's not really a bad thing. Millennials are astonishingly good at separating truly relevant information from noise, which they let fade away in the background. That's why in order appeal to millennials and win their trust, we need a much more personalized approach that takes into consideration their level of financial literacy, the needs they have, and the issues they face.

The new era of information technology that has been around for a scant 25 years or so has become our new reality, to the point that we barely even notice how privileged ...

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Why should I go to the bank?


With more companies offering countless different services than ever before, competition is merciless, regardless of industry. And more than ever before, things like a transaction being just a bit faster or making a client's experience just a bit more positive play a crucial role in a business' success. No company can function without a bank, but with hundreds of banks to choose from, how can we make sure that entrepreneurs will choose ours? Increasing efficiency is the perfect place to start.

Banking was largely the same for centuries before the invention of the internet. Then, suddenly, the world was introduced to the concept of internet banking, and soon afterwards, mobile banking. Internet and mobile banking are enormous technological advances ...

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Is this the end of traditional banking?


At the conclusion of the second quarter of 2015, the number of customers with access to Internet banking services in Poland exceeded 27 million. In turn, the number of customers using mobile banking services has surpassed 4 million. In the US, almost 52% of smartphone users who have a bank account use a mobile application. It can be clearly seen that the numbers for Poland do not differ from the statistics from Western countries. The innovative electronic banking sector is something that puts Poland at the forefront of almost all of Europe. Unbelievable?

The solutions created in our country are ahead of the current trends and provide inspiration for Western countries. This is caused by many factors, such ...

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