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Call centres are not enough. Video chat comes!


What is the future of call centers, what are the customers preferences? This is chat and video chat. Communication company- customer speeds up towards video channel.

4 reasons why call centres are switching from telephone to live chat

One of the perennial drivers for the adoption of live engagement is the impact on cost. The logic is this. Even if the vast majority of your customers self-serve, there will be times when they need help from a human being who can advise on products or provide additional information. Traditionally that's been done by a telephone hotline but you can offer the same service more cheaply – and also more efficiently – by talking to your customers via a chat tool.

But ...

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How many clients talks to Expert Online by mBank?


Our client – mBank released data concerning Expert Online, which is our key LiveBank product. Consumers' interest in banking services available via video channel is huge.

Take a look at these elements from a mBank press release on Expert Online. Let us start from the figures.

  • Within 10 months from the start of Expert Online, the number of connections with consultants has raised fourfold.
  • 200 000 clients decided to contact us via video channel this year.
  • 90% of banking transactions can be carried out with Expert Online

What is the basis of Expert Online success?

Expert Online is an online branch of the bank, which effectively combines the traditional role of an adviser with the availability of electronic banking and modern ...

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How Europeans use bank branches


The difference in preferences of using banking services among the peoples of Europe is quite interesting. It is evident in the density of networks of bank branches in different countries.

In Europe, there are more and more bank branches being closed. German experts from Deutsche Bank Research reported that in 2012, across the continent, 5.5 thousand branches were closed, including 1.6 thousand in Germany. About half of Germans use online banking.

  • Northern Europe

A relatively small number of branches in relation to the amount of residents. Today, for every thousand of residents of Sweden, there is about 0.2 of a banking facility, and it is even less in the UK or the Netherlands. Scandinavians prefer to use ...

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