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LiveBank at Fintech Conference in Tel Aviv


Software Mind participated in this year's Fintech Conference in Tel Aviv on March 22. The conference attracts banks and financial institutions as well as IT companies offering innovative solutions.
Live Bank was presented by Tomasz Maciantowicz, Global Sales Channels and Marketing, and Managing Director. He shared Software Mind's experience in  “Introducing the truly banking-oriented video channel”.  He also announced a strategic partnership between Software Mind and Matrix, the largest Israeli IT company, which has 7,000 employees operating in the global marketplace.

During the conference, each IT company has seven minutes to present itself and its product.
Apart from these technological shows, the conference featured Daniel Tu, the Group Chief Innovation Officer of Ping An, the biggest ...

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3 ways how modern video banking can rise sales


Modern video banking solutions are often mixed up with the every-day video conferencing systems we all have been using (such as Lync and Skype). However there is much more that modern video banking can offer and we are going to show you some of the key benefits. 

 1. Modern video Banking is transactional

Traditional video conferencing (like Skype, Lync) can offer relatively good quality video conferencing, which could be used for giving advisory services to banks clients. This is however only a half of the equation the clients need. Modern video banking solutions are transactional - meaning they enable clients to also conclude transactions after receiving advice from the Banks expert.
LiveBank enables to authenticate the banks customer during the ...

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