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APAC residents increasingly using virtual banking


In recent years, new technologies have replaced traditional solutions [1]. The report by McKinsey & Company leaves no doubts about this. Inhabitants of this part of the world adapt new technological solutions with great ease [2].

According to research, people of the Asia-Pacific regions account for as much as 50% of all of the internet users in the world. Therefore it should not be surprising that this is a huge challenge for several areas of business. Including banking.

Banks are in constant competition to have the newest technological solutions. And clients adapt quickly. Internet and telephones are increasingly edging out traditional bank branch visits. This makes everything faster, cheaper and more convenient. Deloitte predicts that as early as 2025, a lion's share of the purchasing power in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore will rest in people who can ...

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Customer verification online - will meeting the bank become only


Banking innovation season is in full swing. More and banks are competing to seewho can modernize client relationships more and how to make contact even safer. The fight for domination is taking place everywhere, in both audio and video channels. So, who will win? Today, this is difficult to predict. Everything could turn remotely confirmed identity, or so-called online verification via biometrics, voice transaction authorization, or the shape of the face or fingerprint, upside down at any moment.

Online verification is the use of the latest technologies in the process of checking the identity of a bank client. Such verification is faster than a more traditional visit to the bank branch and can be done virtually anywhere. The electronic ...

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