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Virtual banking. What are its characteristics?


The changing habits of customers in how they use banking services are causing many new ideas that respond to the new consumer needs to appear. As more and more customers use services remotely, banks are developing self-service banking. One of the directions of development of virtual banking is a kind of bridge between the services provided at branches and internet banking.

What are the characteristics of virtual banking?

Virtual banking combines the best aspects of self-service in mobile channels and direct "at the window" service. This is a new channel of communication with the client [1]. The client contacts the bank employee virtually, through video, audio and chat channels, while maintaining the direct contact option. Thus, the smartphone or tablet ...

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LiveBank takes Greek bank into a new era of customer service


LiveBank will allow the largest Greek bank to create an e-branch service [1] – an innovative form of customer service that uses virtual advisors. This is yet another leader of a local banking sector which has decided to meet the needs of its customers by deciding to cooperate with the Cracovian company.

Piraeus Bank is a Greek bank which owns 30% of the market in the country [2]. It has teamed up with Ailleron SA, which will be responsible for the expansion of the bank's offer with the help of the Cracovian company's flagship technology – LiveBank. The result of this cooperation is the launch of VTS (Video Teller System) self-service kiosks, which allow for, among others, video contact with ...

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