What are the current drivers to implement virtual branch banking?

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Digitization transits services, sale and interactions with the customers to various channels. As far as banks are improving customer journeys they offer much more ways to give the best-class service, assistance and finalize the sale without going to the branch. Transition from the bricks and mortar approach to omnichannel experience is made by shaping the service model based on the strategy and customer expectations. Virtual branch banking gives the opportunity to be the touch point, which connects all channel’s characteristics by humanizing interactions with customers. Read more

Will virtual branches displace physical ones? The true winner of the digital vs physical showdown.

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Physical bank branches have been quite literally the “go-to” place for all-things-banking for as long as anyone can remember. Together with ATMs, they are the foundation of the individual customer’s financial life as they have known it. But something is changing. With the advent of new technologies, for the first time in history, there are clear signs that the physical branch’s supremacy is no longer a matter of course. But what is exactly going to happen to them both in the near future and beyond? Read more

Online Advisor Case Study  – creating a truly customer-first approach with virtual banking

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As one of the biggest banks in Poland, BZ WBK provides a range of services to a wide variety of clients. The easiest thing to do would be to divide them into categories such as individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations but there are many other ways to go about it. Clients vary in terms of their interests, needs, problems, strengths and limitations. All of them somehow change the way they use and can use banking. At BZ WBK, the goal is to provide banking services so accessible that the word ‘accessible’ itself will no longer be needed. Read more

Maximize the Efficiency of Online Advisors With Virtual Banking

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Easy and effective communication with their clients is one of the key elements of every bank’s strategy. It is vital for customer satisfaction and can help save time or improve the brand’s image. However, the main reason why banks consider it so important is very different, yet incredibly simple—it is the quality of this communication that will decide whether the bank can sell its products and make profit. This quality largely depends on the performance of banking consultants. Find out how to maximize their efficiency with virtual banking. Read more

Provide continuous access to help with Live Chat

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Whether we like it or not, money is a constant in our everyday lives. It shouldn’t thus come as a surprise that clients often want to contact their bank at unusual hours. If there are no consultants available when clients need one, they are likely to give up on trying to contact the bank altogether and soon forget what they even called for in the first place. But there is a way to ensure that clients always have access to the information they need without making them wait on a phone line when customer support agents are busy. Read more

10 key stats that will make you switch to the virtual bank branch

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More and more financial institutions are stepping into the world of virtual banking. They’re attracted by the image of an innovative brand and hope to make their relationship with customers more personalized. Increasingly, many of those companies are also starting to see that virtual branch banking may also be a way to improve customer service and satisfaction as well as save money by remotely offering services that until now were completely confined to physical branches. Experience has now shown that what once was just a theory about the benefits of virtual banking is now well-established fact. Take a look at how virtual banking is changing the face of the typical consumer banking experience. Read more

The Future of Customer Service in Banking is (Almost) Here

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These days, some would find it hard to believe that not so much time ago, doing any kind of banking activity, including cash withdrawal, required people to pay their banks a personal visit. Over the years, banks have gradually evolved, offering their clients new ways to use banking services. However, those new ways, while convenient, could only offer a fraction of the possibilities a face-to-face meeting with a consultant does. Will the digital banking of the future still seek compromises between convenience and personalization? Or, perhaps, will it find a way around it? Read more

Virtual assistance to the rescue of the traditional bank branch? Witness unique synergy unfold

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The virtual bank branch, capable of taking advantage of new technologies such as remote client verification, has been increasingly popular with the financial sector. But does it necessarily mean that the virtual branch is about to make the traditional one obsolete? Hardly! It is when they are used simultaneously that they prove most beneficial for both banks and their clients. Find out more about this unique synergy. Read more

Chatbots to the rescue of banking consultants? Surprising benefits of automation 

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Chatbots have been increasingly popular with various organizations for the past couple of years – both in and out of the context of the financial industry. Just about anyone realizes how helpful they can be for the client, providing quick and thorough answers for basic questions and saving banks’ some precious time. But there is an aspect to the role of chatbots that few realize and take advantage of. Let’s find out how the smartest algorithms can help human consultants improve their interactions with clients – both at the time the interaction takes place and in the long-term.  Read more

Making banking more efficient and familiar than ever with… Facebook Messenger

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There is a space on the Internet where millions of tech-savvy individuals love spending hours on a daily basis. It’s called social media. If you could only reach them in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive, but still provides you with a proper touch point to sell and talk about your products… Find out how LiveBank is turning Facebook Messenger into a viable lead generator and sales tool with a real-time assistance and a unique user experience. Read more